Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Butter vs Butter: Choose your weapon against dryness

If you use your hands a whole lot, then you're probably as particular as I am with the regards to the type of lotion you apply: thick and emollient or dry and fast-absorbing? Personally, I like having a little tube or container of lotion in my bag because (girl scout alert!) you never know when you might just need it. Plus, I like washing several times a day and I don't like the feeling of dry, newly-washed hands. 

Two of the lotions that I am currently alternating in my bag of tricks are Leyende's No Rumple Silk Skin and Mother Butter. What's the diff you may ask? Read on as I compare the two:

NO RUMPLE SILK SKIN - Php 380/100ml

Made primarily of Shea Butter which contains wound-healing and anti-bacterial properties, it helps heal eczema, wrinkles, blemishes, rashes, dermatitis and other skin disorders (source). No Rumple comes in 4 variants and since I am drawn to citrus-mandarin scents, I conveniently chose "Four Seasons." In a nutshell, this a "dry" type of lotion that has a bit of drag to it when applied, but leaves my hands with just the right amount of moisture. Take note that it is not rich enough to moisturize cuticles and sometimes, if you apply too much, can leave you feeling coated.

I love this though when I'm in a hurry because it is absorbed well by the skin and dries matte. So I can use my  mobile, type on my laptop or do whatever without having to wait long for the lotion to be absorbed.

MOTHER BUTTER - Php 450/200ml

Made of 40% rich cocoa butter, this hand and body cream is a delish treat as it really smells like chocolate! I know I made some strong statements about cocoa-scented products before, but this little product changed all that. The scent is pretty strong compared to No Rumple's "Four Seasons", so much so that I can still smell it on my hands after several washes.

Due to its cocoa butter content, it is smoother, richer and easier to spread. This is a hands-down favorite of pregnant women as the cocoa butter supposedly helps stave off stretch marks. Mother Butter is also great for those who have drier skin as it is excellent in moisturizing elbows, cuticles and soles of the feet. Takes a tad bit longer for my skin to absorb this, and may leave a sheen when I apply too much so I only use this at night before I go to bed as my fingers will leave prints on whatever I end up touching.

Pour Conclure

Both are equally made of ECOCERT ingredients and are proudly Pinoy-made, but I personally still like the "Four Seasons" scent. If the Mother Butter had that variant, I'd totally switch!

Which one are you drawn to? :)

For more info you can check out http://www.leyende.com


  1. I like how they both look. I've heard of Leyende before but never really thought to give them a try. Maybe I will soon. :)