Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Human Nature All-Natural Feminine Wash

I've long been a supporter of natural and organic formulations, but when it comes to intimate hygiene, I'm kind of skeptical. For the longest time, my OB-GYN has advised me to use this popular feminine wash brand which became too harsh and too drying after prolonged use. I then decided (after reading other reviews) to check out the Human Nature Feminine Wash and see if it truly lives up to its claim of being gentle and non-irritating.

Feel fresh as a summer breeze! Formulated to match the body's natural pH and enriched with natural ingredients which include aloe leaf extract and chamomile essential oil, known for their anti-bacterial, soothing, calming and aromatic benefits, coconut and sunflower oils, natural cleansing agents, and rice and anise extracts to work as natural preservatives.
Price: Php 159.75/200ml

comes in a semi-opaque, gel-like formula

Why I like it:

  • a quick look at the ingredients list shows that this product is chemical-free, 98.66% natural and is proudly Pinoy-made
  • I am very impressed with the packaging. It's very handy and easy to grip in the shower, plus a soft squeeze intuitively dispenses the right amount. Hurrah, no spillage here!
  • I can attest to the gentleness of this product. I use this several times a day (more when I have my period) and I have not experienced itching, dryness or irritation. 
  • lathers really well without drying
  • has a mild, floral scent
  • very economical and inexpensive at Php 159.75/200ml.

What I don't like:

  • Nothing, really! Wish they made other scents though, but this product really lives up to its claim of being the gentlest and most natural feminine wash cleanser out there. 

Natural formulations are usually a hit or miss, but the Human Nature All-Natural Feminine Wash receives a thumbs up from me. I highly recommend this to anyone :)

Note: If you are sensitive to certain [natural] ingredients or prone to infection, please consult with your OB-GYN before switching products.


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