Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rave: My Fave MAC Lipsticks

These days, I don't feel like blogging (or writing) at all. This usually happens when I'm in a rut or about to fly off somewhere else and my mind can't concentrate on just one single thing. Plus, P-nut, Komiki and the other dogs are sick with colds and cough, which is something they prolly got from me. Oh well.

These are my fave MAC lipsticks of the moment, I love them so that I only placed both of them in my kikay kit. I used to have 4 lipsticks at any given time (because I change my mind often throughout the day) but now it's down to 2 lipsticks and 1 lip balm.

MAC Lustering (left) is a sheer, glossy hot pink, definitely my kind of lipstick. It's easy to swipe on whenever, wherever and looks oh-so natural and fresh.

MAC Plumful (right) is really a very pretty and deep plum shade, perfect for the -ber months. For a Lustre, it sure offers good color payoff. Can't get enough of this lipstick, the plum shade is deep enough to look like I mean business. Coincidentally, I have an extra one for sale.

Lustering vs Plumful
What are your favorite MAC lipsticks? Share! :)


  1. My favorite is Girl About Town but it was stolen when I was mugged last May huhuhu and it's not available here in the Philippines :(

  2. @krissy: Oh noes :( That's a really nice pink, too! Check I'm sure meron :)

  3. right now it's Plumful and Creme in your Coffee. hoping that wearing darker shades to work will make people take me more seriously, haha! or it's just the dreary weather. :)

    hi krissy, I think I remember seeing Girl About Town being sold at for Php875. :)