Sunday, November 27, 2011

A day with Ladylike Turnlock

Me, Martha, Liz, Jheng
Last Thursday was prolly one of the busiest days of my entire life! I had 2 events during the day with meetings squished in between, and was attending another intimate, posh fashion show at Prive during the night.

My friends know that it is never in my character to dart from one event to another (as most people aspire to do), as I'd rather devote my time to just one substantial event per day. But Thursday was special: Lourd Ramos (my fave stylist) hosted the Dealuxuries soft launch in the morning, the Leyende "Real Benefits" Campaign was in the afternoon, while Lourd was sashaying down the runway clad in Siya come 9pm. It was a gruelling day, I tell ya, and I wouldn't have made it alive without my Accessorize Ladylike Turnlock Tote.

You see, I am a girl scout trapped in a beauty/lifestyle blogger's body. True story. I pack things like there's no tomorrow: potty spray - check! toothbrush - check! hand lotion - check! all-the-other-things-I-can-stuff-in-my-bag - check!

My Accessorize Ladylike Turnlock bag, which I got at the recent "All About Bags" launch, is made of lush material that is sturdy and is quite the trooper! It is big enough to fit anything and everything -- and you know me, I bring all my toiletries with me at all times! It can undoubtedly pass for a good daytime, casual bag, roomy enough to fit all my essentials plus an iPad or a small laptop.

Jenny, Me, Gerick
For the Prive event, I switched bottoms (now wearing high-waisted shorts!) and still lugged my Ladylike Turnlock tote which now contained a bevy of press kits and releases from the two previous events. Here we are, still looking fab at 11pm!

Me, Lourd, Heidi
I'm totally holding on to my new favorite bag, which can comfortably house my bulky camera (very important!) among other things. The only thing it can't hold are my shoes, but oh well, I have a reusable shopping bag for that.

If you want to score a bag of your own, then check out the amazing Accessorize bag sale which will run til November 30th!


  1. A girl after my own heart when it comes to bags. Girl Scouts rejoice! :))

    Also, it must be said: I lovelovelove your curls!!

  2. So pretty Kira! That Accessorize bag is so nice!

  3. @The Reluctant Stylista Thank you :D

    @KariIronically, I can pack light when travelling!

    @herroyalbleakness Thanks, Argie :)