Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saizen opens in Robinsons Midtown

Get your Christmas list done in no time at Saizen's newest store in Robinson's Midtown Ermita. Everything is, of course, only Php 85 each! The store is smaller than the ones in Galleria and Trinoma, but it is well-stocked with makeup, nail polishes and bath & body products.

When Alex and I were invited to the opening, we were giddy with excitement -- who doesn't love a bargain? A game dubbed "The Amazing Race" kicked off the event, wherein we were tasked to look for specific items described on the list. Sadly I lost, hence the photo below.

Haha, my photo is so funny and kawawa says Alex. Anyhoo, check out what's in store for you when you visit the new Saizen in Rob Midtown:

beauty corner
more makeup!
Alex is bored na...kidding!
Stuff that you should definitely check out:

the extensive selection of mascaras
the ever popular charcoal masque
glittered falsies
an endless array of nail polish
panda sponge/loofah -- so cute!
doggie diapers :)
socks in quirky designs
hedgehog and cactus clip holders
I ended up getting stuff for the house but still sneaked in a few beauty items. Reviews to follow!

Visit the new Saizen located on the Ground floor, Padre Faura Wing of Robinsons Place, Ermita. 


  1. yay! seems so fun.. how i wish there'll be a saizen near me, id get lost on the items for at least an hour perhaps. :)
    will be looking forward sa mga reviews mo sis, especially sa mga kikay stuffs, :)

  2. Hi Belle! Where are you located? Yes, the beauty products selection here is quite amazing, I may be coming back to Saizen sooner than expected to browse through everything. There is just so much stuff!