Monday, October 10, 2011

New purchases: Plantex Green Liquid Soap & Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin

I always stop by the Sesou kiosk whenever I find myself in Trinoma. I spotted these yesterday and are a welcome addition to my natural loot at home:

Plantex Green Liquid Hand Soap - Php 180/500ml 
A natural floral-scented liquid hand soap that cleans effectively with its antibacterial properties while keeping your hands moisturized. This can also double duty as a cleanser for my tank and Crabopolis.

Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin - Php 380/100ml
I am anal about my hands, I'm one of those people who constantly wash and apply lotion incessantly. My requirements for an effective hand lotion -- moisturizes well, is non-greasy and comes in a hygienic packaging. This Leyende product fits the bill perfectly. It's a non-greasy hand and body moisturizer made of 40% fair trade shea butter, sweet almond oil, bearberry extract and natural scent extracts. Comes in a pump container, "Four Seasons" variant smells like yummy mandarin orange (my fave!). Plus, it's small enough to fit in my bag!

Any organic/natural purchases lately? Share! :)


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