Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Keratin Treatment by CYNOS

I have relatively straight-slash-wavy hair that I usually just tie up in a ponytail whenever I'm too lazy to blowdry. Any product that promises manageable, healthy and frizz-free hair is tops in my book. Hence I was really excited to try out the Keratin Complex Treatment by CYNOS.

Not to be confused with rebonding or other straightening treatments, the CYNOS Revive Plus Keratin Treatment uses a keratin rich formula that fortifies, revives and restores hair leaving more manageable, tangle-free, silky and soft to the touch. It is coined as a hairtherapy regimen and is said to lessen 95% of the frizz! Sounds great, right?

So off I was to Creations Salon to have my Keratin Treatment done by no other than Lourd Ramos and his trusty creative assistant, Leonard.

Lourd wearing a big, fat smile! :)

I was early --- again! I love being the early bird, Creations is usually jam-packed by late afternoon so if you're gonna have something done it's best to come after lunch or earlier.

These are the main products they used on me:

Purifying Shampoo Pre-Treatment - deep cleanses and clarifies residues, it opens up the hair cuticle allowing the keratin to work deeply.

Keratin Treatment Hair Reconstructor - their star product! It is a reconstructor and volume reducing treatment that  completely coats hair with essential keratins that help rejuvenate hair structure and delivers vibrant shine and softness

Daily Shampoo After-Treatment - a sulfate-free shampoo containing smoothing agents that revitalizes hair, renews strength and smoothes hair.

Daily Conditioner After-Treatment - delivers superior conditioning and vibrant shine on hair. Its special formulation infuses moisture and enriches hair nutrients on every hair shaft making hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

Instant Keratin Gold - a serum-type concoction that repairs and promotes moisture on distressed hair. It also contains a sunlight filter that protects hair from UV and other hair radicals.

After washing my hair with the Revive Purifying Shampoo Pre-Treatment, my hair was combed into sections and the Keratin Treatment Hair Reconstructor was applied. My hair was then wrapped in cling wrap and left for an hour so the product can seep into my thick locks.

After an hour, my hair was blow-dried then straightened using the Specialized Keratin Treatment Straightening Iron. That's the main difference between the Revive Keratin Treatment versus rebonding treatments, as the formula isn't rinsed out and is meant to stay on my hair for at least 3 days. Yep, you read that right -- 72 hours. But don't worry because my hair smells heavenly like vanilla chocolates! *currently sniffs hair* :)

Leonard hard at work
With Franco Barrameda of CYNOS and Leonard

The result: sleek, shiny, manageable and healthy hair! It really beats having to blowdry my hair everyday! The treatment is around Php 3,000 and a definite must-try if you want to have tame, frizz-free and manageable hair but don't want the stick-straight results of rebonding. Lourd says it should last a couple of months, my straighter hair looks really natural and I can't help but love the vanilla scent :)

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  1. Wahahahaw Kira, wahahaw. Hey, lemme know how long the treatment keeps the locks before getting wavy-slash-straight (i quote u) again. If it makes the hair that good for a reasonable amount of time, I might bite the bullet for a 3k hair treatment.

  2. ooh this looks interesting. wala bang irritating smell or stinging sensation sa eyes?

  3. @Argie: Sure, I plan to post a phot after a week so you can see how the hair looks like after a couple of washes. The Keratin Treatment is really more of a treatment and a de-frizzer than an actual straightening solution, so the results should last for a couple of months :)

    @Crystal: During the application of the Keratin Treatment Reconstructor may *konting* sting but very, very minimal and the staff will advise you prior. BUT no irritating smell, ang bango super amoy vanilla even by the 3rd day :)

  4. You are motivating me KIRA :)
    But will it do for me?An opposite of your gender..!

  5. How many months does the effect last? 3 months?