Monday, October 24, 2011

HBC Hair+Perfection Colour HairSpa Giveaway - CLOSED

Happy Monday to everyone! Let's start the week right with a smashing giveaway from HBC.

To my lovely readers: get a chance to win HP (Hair + Perfection) Colour HairSpa, a semi-permanent DIY hair coloring treatment product. The HP Colour HairSpa repairs dull and damaged hair via its henna and keratin ingredients, and works by combining the benefits of cellophane and hair spa treatments in one. These come in several variants and shades -- Medium Brown, Black, Chestnut, Burgundy, Deep Hazel Brown and Copper.

We're giving away tubs of HP Colour HairSpa to 2 lucky winners! Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow my blog Elegantly Wasted via Google Connect.

2. “Like” the HBC Facebook Fan page.

3. Follow me on Twitter @kirasworld and tweet about this contest:

PLS RT: Win HBC Hair+Perfection Colour Hair Spa by sharing your best hair care tip! Join @kirasworld blog contest at :)

4. Leave your name, email address, Twitter share link plus comment below on why beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory and share your BEST hair care tip.

This giveaway will run until November 25, 2011. This is open only to Philippine residents and we'll pick 2 winners. Prizes may be claimed at the nearest HBC store. Goodluck! :)


  1. 1. Followed your blog via Gfc
    2. Liked the HBC Fb Fan page!/charmaignegrace/status/128427524140187649

    charmaigne grace gepana

    a beautiful hair could catch the attention and hearts of everyone. when you take good care of yourself, it means you are valuing yourself. having a nice hair is like as you're wearing a precious crown.

    my hair care tips would be choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, Avoiding excessive use of hair products, brushing and combing your hair properly and protecting your hair everyday.

  2. Joining!

    Liked HBC on fb: Arra Morta

    A beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory because our hair is very important for us to look good.It also define us,a person with a beautiful hair signifies health and youth.So,it's really important to take care of our hairs!

    My BEST HAIR CARE TIP is to use professional hair coloring conditioning system if your planning to coloring your hair.Simply put,choose a system that causes minimal damage and condition hairs as it colors,good choice was HP Colour HairSpa.Its always best to turn to a professional for all of your hair care needs!

    Thank You!

    Arra Morta

  3. Thanks for joining, girls. Please tell all your friends :)

  4. Amanda Paredes!/amanda0201196/status/128620587584192513

    A beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory because sometimes it's the first one which will others see if you're taking care of yourself. And because our hair is in the top our head so it's like a crown shining.:D

    My best hair care tip is always brush your hair. And always use conditioner but do not use shampoo daily. :)

  5. Hi Kira!
    I'm joining your ur giveaway... (just spotted a newly open HBC store here in Olongapo..yay!)

    Name: Agnes Dela Cruz
    email: magnet972(at)yahoo(dot)com

    twitter link:!/magz_dc/status/128633651704500224

    A beautiful makes you feel confident at any time of the day. You can face all the things you need to accomplish without any hesitation.

    MY hair care tip, I always make it a point to brush my hair at night before I go to bed. I always dry it up after shower.

  6. Joining!
    GFC:ariane may nalicat
    FB Name:Ariane May Nalicat
    A beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory because it reflects what kind of person you are and how you take care of yourself.Hair made us more beautiful that attract anyone who see and loves it!

    My best hair tip is to treat your hair always-give it a spa,or a hair color and conditioned it every week.And don't forget HBC is always there for your hair care!

    ariane may nalicat

  7. Name: Charlene Bianes
    Twitter link:!/charlenelyra/status/128665841595199489

    For me, the best hair care tip would be to massage your scalp with your fingertips and apply conditioner regularly. :)

    thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  8. Mariel Mangubat!/ayenahmariel/status/129454769487085568
    Beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory because hair improves definitely our looks. Also your hair define yourself. You can make it simple, rocker,glamour, stylist.It reflect on how you live and why are you living:)

    My best hair care tip would be having a healthy diet. Avoid foods which are fatty and are high in sugar is a must.Also having sufficient vitamins and minerals by eating fruits and vegtables would be good to your hair. Another would be drinking a lot of water, trying to keep stress levels down,use conditioner always,comb your hair often,avoid too much dying of your hair.

  9. name: Leizle Demaisip
    email address:
    Twitter share link:!/iamLeizle4ever/status/129508338328285184

    why beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory:
    The hair is called one's crowning glory because it makes a person stand out if it is well-cared for. Especially when it's healthy and glowing and vibrant. The hair can make the whole persona.

    share your BEST hair care tip:
    Massage your scalp with your hands. It is not necessary to shampoo your hair everyday\, 3-4 times a week will do because too much shampoo will cause your hair dry. And stay away from using hair dryers, irons and hair chemicals.

  10. name: venos monato
    email add:
    twitter shared link:!/veta897/status/130460160933117953
    beautiful hair is crowning glory because it is the most seen and attractive part of our head/face. the more shiny and beautiful your hair is, the more attractive it is to others.

    to make my hair beautiful, i used anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

  11. GFC: Elinor Semira
    FB: Elinor Semira
    Twitter: @mhoie1325

    A beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory because it is what makes a person stand out if it is well-cared for, when it is healthy, glowing and vibrant. The hair can make or break the whole persona So it is only best that it is well tended to and nourished.

    My BEST hair care tip is to follow a healthy diet. Eating healthily will ensure that your hair remains in a good condition. Fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, protein such as fish and chicken and lean red meat will be appreciated by your hair as well as your body. And include plenty of water in your diet. Drinking the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin and hair properly hydrated. And will boost your follicles growth potential. If you want to boost the effects of this then consider taking a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Reduce your intake of fatty or fried foods, salt and sugar.

    Elinor Semira

  12. Thanks for the entries, guys! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  13. GFC: anschluss_phau23
    twitter: paularoyale
    tweet link:!/paularoyale/status/134242340792565760

    Hair is one of the best assets of a woman.. A beautiful hair gives an impression of a healthy living.. It is our crowning glory because it is one of the first things that another person will notice to yourself, so keeping it great is a great way to impress!!

    My best hair care tip is to always keep your hair clean.. This keeps it from the invasion of bacteria that can cause irritation, dandruff,etc.. Also, a healthy living contributes not only to the beauty of your body but also your hair.. :)Stay healthy!

  14. Name : Analyn Alonsagay
    Email :
    GFC : Analyn
    Twitter : AHNNEdiwata
    twitter link :!/AHNNEdiwata/status/134324256816377856

    Best Hair tip : After taking a shower if your not in a hurry or you'll just stay at home, don't come your hair, let it loose and dry for itself, this give way to your hair to make it rest for awhile from frequently hair-brushing. This is what I do most of the time. apply hair coat to protect it my sun damaged. :)

  15. salmoncat

    I watched "Elizabeth: the Golden Age" some time last month. I don't remember the queen's crown but I do remember that several time through the course of the film, she would change her wigs. I think having beautiful hair allows a person to exude a regal air, look like royalty and often, be treated as such.

    Best hair care tip I've ever read and can vouch for: use a wide-toothed comb to comb damp/wet hair for less frizz and to look less like Hermione in the first HP movie.

  16. GFC - Nina Morfe
    Facebook - Nina Morfe
    Twitter - @akasupernini
    Tweeted -!/akasupernini/status/135231493772550144

    its the crowning glory because its the first thing noticeable :) hair care tip, shampoo and confition everyday!

  17. GFC- MrsMartinez
    FaceBook- Michelle Martinez
    Twitter- @xoxoMrsMartinez
    Tweet link:!/xoxoMrsMartinez/status/136766031606722560
    When you have beautiful and shiny hair that would be an asset. People would actually envy you if have gorgeous hair.
    Hair tip: Shampoo every other day. Condition only the ends of the hair.


  18. Encey Javahery
    facebook: encey javahery ( i am a fan of hbc)
    twitter name: enceyy
    tweet link:!/enceyy/status/137011397241479168

    having a beautiful hair helps us to be confident and feel beautiful about ourselves. having a healthy hair can make us look young and be gorgeous naturally :)
    hair tip: shampoo should be mix with a little water to prevent having flakes and conditioning of hair is important and atleast treatments to keep it shiny, soft and healthy. :)

  19. GFC name: Geetiful
    Name: Gee Ismael
    Email: gee8516(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Tweet link:!/geetiful/status/138660887459397632

    Why beautiful hair is one’s crowning glory?
    Because hair is one of the most commonly seen parts of the human body, and it is always associated with beauty.

    Best hair care tip:
    Simple start, maintain proper hygiene. Keeping yourself clean by taking regular baths is a simple way of keeping your hair healthy. You don’t want your crowning glory smell horribly nor look disgraceful, right? So by simple shampooing and cleaning of our hair usually does the trick.

  20. Name: Angelyn Jolo


    Twitter link:!/einghielisangel/status/139637775589838848

    Beautiful hair is one's crowning glory because our hair somehow reflects our personality and sense of being. Women are very vain when it comes to their hair because aside from face, our hair attract attention too. Also, a healthy hair means healthy life and proper hygiene.

    -Always drink water and eat vegetables and fruits. No one can beat the naturals! :)

  21. GFC: JazBorj
    Facebook: Jaja Borja-Laure
    Twitter: @jazborj
    Twitter link:!/jazborj/status/139845532683210753

    More often than not, having beautiful and shiny hair is a priceless asset. When you have beautiful hair, it's easy to feel confident and you can easily breeze through almost everything when armed with confidence.

    Hair tip: Find the right hair product that works for you. Stay away from too much sun and pollution.

    Jaja Borja-Laure

  22. Thank you for sending in your entries! I shall announce the winner next week :)