Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinner with the girls at Mary Grace

Had an impromptu dinner and movie date with the girls yesterday. Lemme tell ya, I haven't seen Lauren and Mara in months! With Alex, well, it's a different story because I get to hang out and catch up with her at events naman. Alex was in charge of the resto for the night and decided on Mary Grace. Divine Lee is such a fan of this place and I was starting to wonder what the buzz was all about...

Truth is, the Mary Grace Cafe here is so enchanting and pretty! Compared to the Trinoma branch, the Greenbelt branch rocks!

The boyfriend got off his meeting quite early so he joined us for dinner. It's his first time to eat salad (his doctor says to eat more greens), so I am so proud he's trying to eat healthy. For all the carnivorous people out there, let me tell you that it's hard to eat veggies. I am struggling to eat more greens myself -- beansprouts are my arch-nemesis.

I had the Mary Grace Mushroom Cream as usual with extra garlic bread on the side:

Random stuff: saw this in the restroom , it's so  cute: 

word of the night: "croppable" :p
And then we decided to watch a movie -- it was a debate between Praybeyt Benjamin and 30 Minutes or Less. Kidding! I actually wanted to watch Paranormal Activity 3 but lost because everyone wanted a comedy. Boo.

In the end, I was super glad I was outvoted. 30 Minutes or Less was super funny and crazy!! I highly recommend you watch this with your girlfriends and significant other. Man, so nice pala to hang out with girls for a change, can't wait for November :)


  1. Oo nga! Hahaha! You know I almost never get to hang out with girls unless they're my high school barkada. And nowadays I usually watch alone. Loner! :)) It was nice watching with other people for a change.


  2. @Alex: the movie was super, super funny! I would never have watched it if not for you guys!! Next month again ha :D

  3. If the Mary Grace cafe in Greenbelt looks like that, the one in Trinoma needs a makeover. Or a bigger space. It pales in comparison :(

  4. @Kari: True! Even the restroom was zen-like! And for some reason, the food at the Greenbelt branch tastes better. What gives?