Monday, October 10, 2011

Angus Beef Belly Dinner at H Cuisine

I treated my family to a very intimate, carnivorous dinner at H Cuisine located in Tomas Morato. It is a quaint restaurant owned by former classmate Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing, and is quite popular because of their Angus Beef Belly.

I had made reservations via phone (I sent an email mid-week but not one answered, tsk tsk) for dinner on Saturday and was really excited to try the Angus Beef that Anton recommended.

First we had Cream of Broccoli soup (Php 108) paired with herbed bread. The soup was very filling and tasty, we could detect some blended potatoes as well.

The star of the restaurant -- the Angus Beef Belly (Php 288 with rice) -- took forever to arrive. Actually it took almost 30 minutes. The Angus Belly is indeed very soft and flavorful, no wonder a lot of people are going bonkers over it. It's also fat laden, so watch your cholesterol or bring Simvastatin with you (haha). The Angus Beef is really comfort food for me, it reminds me of my Mom's cooking as she makes awesome roasted tenderloin, too. The baby potatoes, however, proved to be too salty so we weren't able to finish them.

FYI, I had two bowls of rice and ordered additional gravy. The gravy really complemented the beef belly, it tasted like it was made from scratch which is great. I don't like those ready-made powdered gravy packs you can purchase in the grocery.

Wanting to be different, my Mom ordered Lemon Bacon Cream Sauce on Poached Fish (Php 198) which took almost an hour! We were almost done eating when Mom's order arrived. Fallouts aside, this dish tasted good, too, the cream dory was very soft and heavenly. But it's seriously no match for the Angus Beef Belly.

Because we loved the Angus Beef Belly so much, we took advantage of the promo and brought 2 kilos home! The 2 kilos cost only Php 2,600 with two tubs of gravy.

my Ferretti Polka Dot peeptoes
Mark is still recovering but can now walk! Yay!
Overall, our experience was pleasant and we'd love to come back again soon. However, I really hope they improve their service. Service was so slow, it's worth mentioning that it took almost 20 minutes to prepare our check and another 15 minutes for the staff to prepare the take home Angus Beef Belly. They also wrote down the wrong name on the OR we requested. In between meals, I also requested that they lower the volume of their music as I didn't like raising my voice to my guests, but they failed to do this as well.

Visit H Cuisine at #64 Scout Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
They are open daily from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Telephone: +632 413-0347

Our obsession of the week -- Zombie Photobooth!!!

*insert evil laugh*


  1. looks really good sis,, :)

    they might be preparing your food as you order?hence the delay.. well at least you were really satisfied.. i do hate being served cold food, even it if was served to me immediately..

    dad mo sis? kulit lang hehe

  2. your dad is waaay too cool to pose beside his zombiefied photo! chillax lang with folded arms, teehee :)

    It's nice that the angus beef was good. It's just sad you had to wait forever to get a bite :)

  3. Haha! My Dad says thanks, hee-hee. He's always at the receiving end of our jokes, he's the only boy in our family e :P

    @Belle: It's funny that their star dish took so long to prepare, they should at least have anticipated the crowd especially on weekends ;)

    @Argie: If ever you find yourself in Tomas Morato, go try H Cuisine. It's really good talaga :)