Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New Love Minerals Mineral Powder

I posted my review of Human Nature's Mineral Foundation (Php 425) in Orient Pearl two months ago, and I distinctly remember saying that it should be labelled as a face powder since the coverage is very sheer. Well, when I purchased my second compact I was delighted that their "foundation" is now aptly called "mineral powder".

What's more, I am liking the new packaging with the Cruelty-free logo. Here's a comparison between my old and new compacts:

click to read the labels
However, even though both are in Orient Pearl, I noticed that the shades aren't consistent. I assume that this is the usual flaw of 100% mineral products that don't have preservatives or stabilizers?

I use this to set my Maybelline BB Cream, it does a decent job in battling the oilies and smells a whole lot better. It's not as gritty as their old formulation as well. However I feel like the newer and lighter shade is too light for my NC30 skin tone, I hope they match the shades real soon because the previous one was a perfect match.

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  1. i agree, it shouldnt have been foundation before bec it was sooo sheer. but it is quite amazing as an oil controlling powder. hands down. :D

  2. Yes, I think rice powders in general sop up oil well :) I believe HHN is set to release a 2-way foundation soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that :)

  3. I'm looking din for a new mineral powder to set my Purederm BB cream. Ellana's is actually doing a good job, but I kind of want to test a compact one cos Ellana's is made of loose minerals. Have you tried Ellana's? Which is better?


  4. Hey Alex! Yup I've tried Ellana but I prefer compact foundations and powders in general. Juli of Bless My Bag says a good Ellana dupe is Majolica's Skin Remaker Pore Cover. So you can try that or HHN :)

  5. Awesome! glad to know this works well for you.