Sunday, September 18, 2011

Minimalist Skin Care

When you see me at events or at the mall, I am usually bare faced with just sunscreen, a touch of foundation and lipstick. See, I am not the one who dons full-on makeup each and everyday. Though am interested to master the art of applying natural makeup, I still believe in the importance of having healthy, good skin before anything else. 

Or maybe I'm just lazy, haha. Anyway, my last Dermatologist check up was November 2010 and I haven't had any pricking done for the last 10 months. It's quite an achievement, really, as I used to be very anal about pimples, blemishes and spots. So much so that I'd be at the clinic twice month, just because. It's awesome now that I can sort of live without relying on my Dermatologist too much. If she stopped practicing, what would happen to me? Where would I go? I go crazy thinking about stuff like this. 

Here's my current skin care regimen where the star is my Softening Lotion, something that my Dermatologist prescribed and I've been using for the past 10 years. 

I always double cleanse and I either use the Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil or Cetaphil to remove makeup, then follow up with either the Bare Naturals No Breakout to Makeup soap (Php 150) or Clinique's Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser. Both cleansers rid my skin of excess dirt and oil without leaving it dry or taut. 

Softening Lotion (Php 500) from my Derma which contains AHA that gently exfoliates. I have sensitive skin, so sensitive that using other natural and chemical toners usually result to contact dermatitis. I don't know the exact ingredients in my Softening Toner but I love it to death!

Spot/pimple treatment:
I only use VMV's Monolaurin Gel (Php 480) to medicate pimples, scratches or insect bites. This can also be used as a mattifier when applied over moisturizer. This may sting a bit especially when applied to open wounds, so apply sparingly.

Eye Cream (not in photo):
I change eye creams often, but am currently using Clinique's All About Eyes and Repairwear.

Leyende's Place in the Sun (Php 400) is tops on my list of SPF products that don't clog pores or irritate skin. It's very moisturizing and protects well with SPF 30. It's too emollient to be used under my liquid foundation though, so I use my Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream (Php 480) as a base if I'm going out (my liquid foundation has SPF 30 PA+++). 

As my [day or] night cream, I use Mosbeau's All-In-One Cream (sent by PMP Communications, thanks!). Click here for the full review. 

Soo...that's it! I try to stick to natural formulations whenever possible, this has greatly minimized my pimples and other skin conditions. But I'm not a carrot-chewing radical, mind you. 

What facial products do you use? I'd love to know :)

PS: My Dermatologist is Dra. Evylina Guzman from Capitol Medical Center. You can contact her at 372-3825 loc 3519 :) 


  1. Kawawa naman si Tish. :))

    Yay you posted your skincare routine! Might check out that Bare Naturals soap after I've used up my facial washes. Non-drying soap? Awesome.

  2. @Kari: My silly sister is so eps kasi, it's funny!
    Bare Naturals has other soaps for dry and sensitive skin, they're all glycerine based so it's not drying talaga :)

  3. Hey! I use Id too! It's really good for pimples. But the mattifying effect does not work on me (super oily! hehe)

    You have great skin! :)

  4. @Swexie: Hooray to a fellow VMV user! :)

  5. bought celeteque on watsons today to try their f.wash, toner and moisturizer.. enough na muna sa ponds and iwhite.. im having breakouts =(

  6. @Rhaindropz: I'm not hiyang with Pond's as well :( Celeteque is pretty good, I've been a fan of their water-based facial moisturizer for 2 years before I switched. I like that it's so light and cool on the face Good luck and I hope your breakouts go away. When all else fails, it would be best to see a Dermatologist :)

  7. good for good to go with a little bit of foundation, lip balm then curl my lashes...

  8. I have no sunscreen yet. I guess I rely on my bb cream's spf for now. But I was wondering if Belo's sunscreen is ok. How long have you been using Leyende's Place in the Sun? Curious about it now that I saw it on your blog.

  9. @Clair Ching: Been using Leyende since March or April. Haven't tried Belo's sunscreens yet though.

  10. HI! may i know your derma, maybe I could try her softening lotion.thanks for the review..

  11. @Charice: My derma is Dra. Evylina Guzman from Capitol Medical Center. You may contact her at 372-3825 loc 3519 :) Her sked on Saturdays is 10am-1pm :)