Monday, September 5, 2011

The Kebab Factory

My sister and I found ourselves in Forever 21 today, scouring clothes for casual Friday and Saturday office outfits. With her full-time job, my sister rarely sets foot in malls during the weekends because she just zones out and makes up for lost sleep. Wish I could say the same for myself -- my weekdays and weekends are basically the same.

Anyhow, my sister was super nice enough to treat me to a late lunch (she rarely does that!) with the restaurant of my choosing. I first chose Persia Grill but they ran out of beef kebabs. Seriously, how can that happen?!

Anyway, my next choice was The Kebab Factory with its budget-friendly meals and relatively fast service.

The Kebab Factory in Megamall is very cushy and we were lucky that it wasn't teeming with people at 3 PM on a Sunday. Since we were in a hurry, we ordered a Chelo Kebab each with rice. The price? Only Php 180 per meal sans the drinks :)

Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with their yogurt garlic sauce because it was sweet and wasn't garlicky enough. I really miss Cafe Med and I hope I can have kebabs there soon :(

Their iced tea was good, tasted like brewed, homemade iced tea which I love.

I assumed that all dishes came with Basmati rice, and I was wrong! This would've tasted better with buttered Basmati, or at the very least buttered rice. The meat was flavorful and tasty, it would've tasted better with a more garlicky sauce though, just my humble opinion.

Overall if you're raring to have your kebab fix, you can try The Kebab Factory on the 2nd floor of The Atrium in Megamall. Their meals are affordable and are pretty good. But if you can, of course, go top of the line and dine at Shomal or Cafe Mediterranean :D

PS: I may go MIA for a while as the boyfriend just got into an accident and is awaiting surgery. I will get back soon with more reviews and updates.


  1. ate here too and i fell in love with their roti. I super love their iced tea too!