Monday, September 19, 2011

Dot your I's and cross your T's

White Top: Terranova | Bomber Jacket: bazaar | Skull scarf: Divisoria 
Jeans: Penshoppe | Quilted Bag: Cava Bags 
T-strap Wedges: Ferretti Shoes


  1. hmmm, your title reminds me of my blog rejections... but i'm still here continuing my blogging. =)

    i LOVE your scarf! =)

  2. Hi Kira! nice shoes!
    I am just wondering baket nnawala na ung feedburner button m?
    dati kc your posts go direclty s email ko...bgla nlng nawala :( TY!

  3. @Leilani: Hi there! Please re-submit your email address below (lower left) to subscribe, you should receive my updates in your email from 9am-11am everyday. Do email me if you have any concerns :)