Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's new: Celeteque Dermoscience+

Celeteque recently had a total revamp and extended their product line, thus coming up with the new Celeteque Dermoscience+. It now features several new lines: Sun Care, Acne Solutions, Brightening, Hydration and Restorative (anti-aging). Check out their new offerings below, saw these at Watsons today:

Acne Cleansing Gel with Hydroxy Acids
Acne Solutions, Hydration and Resorative lines
old vs new packaging
Brightening and Hydration lines
Off the bat, the new logo and packaging is definitely a step up. The prices aren't bad either, and the product selection is pretty awesome -- they even have lip balm with SPF 15, brightening undereye cream (not in photo) and a Back Acne Spray (people with bacne, listen up!). 

Am really interested to try out their brightening and anti-aging line. What about you, which line are you interested in? :)


  1. I'll definitely check this out next time! Thanks for sharing dear :D

  2. Wow, will check this out soon..:)