Sunday, August 14, 2011

We've been ZAGG-ed!

I love my electronic devices and try to protect them as much as possible. When we got a Galaxy Tab for business purposes (totally worth it, I'd like to add), we decided to just use a regular plastic screen protector which worked fine for a couple of months until it started to peel and get all these irritating minor scratches (we told you, our Tab is decidedly overused). It was fate that led us to a ZAGG booth while strolling in Galleria last week.

ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD is created from an ultra-tough, patented film exclusive to ZAGG. Transparent and amazingly thin, it is designed to precisely match the contours of your device, providing unbeatable scratch protection. ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD is the worlds first and best clear device protection. 

Nano-Memory™ Technology The authentic invisibleSHIELD film features Nano-Memory technology, which is visible as a very subtle texture in the surface of the film.

It all starts with the SA spritzing the ZAGG InvisibleShield with this proprietary solution and then carefully applies it to the device. You need absolute patience, because this process takes long -- it took 40 minutes to an hour for our Tab. In the US, consumers can purchase ZAGG online and install it themselves but thank god the SAs here can do it for us because it can be quite taxing.

The reason why it takes so long because the SA will make sure that air bubbles, fingerprints and minute dust particles do not creep into the InvisibleShield and grab onto the wet plastic, and she will do all things necessary in order to make sure you get pristine and crystal clear protection.

She uses a dense rubber sponge to make sure she gets all the dirt and extra substances out, plus it helps the plastic adhere to the Tab.

After she's done with the front, she then applies the InvisibleShield to the sides and back of the Tab.


When she's done applying the InvisibleShield to all exposed areas, she lets it "dry" for a few seconds, then hands it over to us. At this point, we are told to let the Tab air dry for 24 hours, and allow 3 daysbefore we start attaching our plastic phone protector as the InvisibleShield is still "wet".

Temporarily, the Tab is placed in plastic. We're allowed to use it, but not too much as we need to wait for the InvisibleShield to settle and dry. It looks really funny with the plastic on -- looks like we can't afford to buy our own plastic protector, hahaha.

But on the 3rd day, the Tab looked as good as new. And guess what? ZAGG offers a lifetime replacement guarantee!

Some fast facts:

Price: Php 2000 for the FULL BODY InvisibleShield protection for our Galaxy Tab vs. Php 200 for ordinary screen protectors

Waiting time: 40 mins - an hour depending on your unit

It seems really steep but InvisibleShield is military-grade, impenetrable plastic so it's totally worth it. If you love your electronic devices and would like to protect them sans the added thickness and bulk, go check out ZAGG on the lower ground floor of Robinsons Galleria (near Watsons).

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  1. technically...waiting time is 40 minutes PLUS 3 days. :)

  2. you shouldn't have gotten the back done :P
    aside from the fact that nothing really scratches the back and you're not really protecting it for resale anyway, the side and end covers have a greater tendency to peel because they don't lay flat.

    That's the case with phones. For mine and my brother's :p

  3. @Jiddu: The price includes the back, plus you haven't seen how Mark treats his Tab. As in literally just throwing it in his bag and not caring ;)