Monday, August 8, 2011

Revisiting 50th Avenue

When was the last time you've been to Robinson's Galleria? Honestly, I haven't visited this place in almost a year! This mall has such sentimental value to me and my sister, but then again the construction of Trinoma (which is just conveniently 30 minutes away) made us realize that driving all the way to Ortigas is actually quite taxing. So going further to other malls is more like a treat now.

Good thing that over the weekend the boyfriend decided to visit Saizen (hallelujah!) and I figured it was a good chance for me to check out the newly renovated Galleria, most especially the revamped 50th Avenue.

Comfit on 50% off

As you can see, the area looks more upscale and put-together with its black and white minimalist style and polished interiors.

I always shop at Amanda's Place at bazaars
Candy Bags has a store here! (no signage yet)

Indeed, the new 50th Avenue is more spacious and beckoning. College kids have got it better these days, during our time 50th Avenue looked like a bazaar area for cheap finds.

Familiar brands such as Girl Shoppe, Vurve and Cole Vintage are still here but 50th Ave. has also been invaded by newer and equally stylish brands such as Candy Bags and Comfit.


Overall, the prices here are just what you would expect from, let's say, The Ramp, only maybe slightly lower for some mainstream brands. Some stores were on 50% off during the weekend so a lot of people took advantage of the slashed prices. Personally I'd like to come back and check out each store thoroughly.

Have you been to 50th Avenue in Robinson's Galleria recently? What did you buy? :)


  1. oohhh!!!
    it is very different nga from before!

    i haven't been in rob for more than a year na din...2 years i think nga e

    will drop by there next sat after my make-up workshop

    i love amanda's place too!
    i especially adore their bracelets!

  2. @Thiamere: Looks better now, right? If ever you do drop by next week, share naman your purchases :)