Monday, August 8, 2011

OOTD: Ethereal

Knit top: Forever21 |  Jeans: Divisoria | Shoes: Ferretti | Bag: SM Dept. Store
the intricately beaded neckline is just love <3
I really like this knitted top from Forever21 with the billowy chiffon sleeves, it just looks so romantic, doesn't it? This was an impulse buy during that time when I was on a so-called shopping ban. I decided to pair this with slim jeans and cerulean blue Ferretti shoes because I took the train that day and I didn't want to wear something that was too fussy. I don't know exactly why, but my Ferretti shoes feel a tad loose on me now :(

Oh yeah, I was totally laughing from embarrassment in this photo. I have to practice posing, yech. On a side note, I will totally wear this top again in the near future. It's just lovely, lovely! Muchos gracias to Alex for taking these photos.

So how was everyone's weekend? :)


  1. Hello Kira!
    Nice OOTD! see you soon!


  2. Congrats on pulling that top off!! :D

  3. I love the detailing on your top!!! Plus I love white tops. :)

  4. Ang ganda ng tooop! I need to explore Forever21 for those kinds of nice finds. Haha