Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Great 88 sale at HBC

The kind folks over at HBC invited us to experience their ongoing Great 88 promo wherein selected HBC items were currently on sale for Php 88 only -- some were even lower at only Php 44, so keep your eyes peeled for those! I wanted to share the wealth so I brought along my Mom and Dad with me to HBC Trinoma.


Don't be fooled, there are actually lots  of choices here. Some are just placed on the shelves because they couldn't fit in the display. Check out the items that are on sale:

Mom is a fan of the HBC apple shampoo, no kidding!
mousse foundation, concealers, lipsticks
Mom got 4 of her favorite shampoos
this is one of their bestsellers, so I got some for me and my sister
hoarded on these since I am a sunblock junkie
I really like this! Smells so minty! :)
hair products and hair colors mixed together with hair remover (haha)
makeup for the young ones
mousse blush, lipstick and mascaras for me
Check out the stuff we got! Yes, I purposely got lots of detergent powder since I do my own laundry, heh.

We took home Php 2000+ worth of stuff (some of which were bagged already and aren't in this photo)! Happy!

These items (above) weren't part of the sale but I got them anyway. Am excited to try out their new Soleil matte foundation! :)

Vice, Neil, April, Jean

If you're wondering why my Dad isn't in this photo, he already "abandoned" us and went to the hardware store, lol.

Some pointers when shopping:

1. Don't be shy, take your time and look around. There are lots of good finds if you take the time to rummage through the lot.

2. Ask questions if you are unsure about a product. The friendly SAs are more than happy to assist you.

3. Check out testers for makeup to make sure you're purchasing something that will enhance/matche your skin tone.

4. Bring a friend! Have fun and shop :)

The Great 88 Sale runs until August 21 only! So troop to the nearest HBC branch and stock on your favorites. Thanks to Lorie of HBC for inviting us to shop at the Great 88 sale, we had fun! :)

Check if there's a branch near you, visit


  1. great haul! =) i'd like to read your review on their mascara in the future. =)

  2. @swexie: Thanks! My sister got all the mascaras! Will try to sneak in a review tho :)

  3. Does the body masque is like a body scrub???