Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you have blemishes on just one side of your face?

Over the last couple of weeks, I noticed an increase in pimples on just the right side of my face near the jawline. I thought that sleeping on that side of the face was the culprit, and as such I "trained" myself to lie on my back (which coincidentally, is a good way to prevent facial wrinkles as well). But then again I thought to myself, I've been sleeping on that side for the longest time, for many years in fact. So why the breakout just now?

I change my sheets and pillowcases often, I have a very strict skin care regimen and I only use mineral makeup whenever possible. What the hell is causing these unsightly blemishes?!

And then it hit me -- I've been using my phone more often since early this year. Couple it with the fact that it's a touchscreen mobile phone with WIFI capabilities and you've got a disaster waiting to happen:

dirty fingers + makeup + sweat =  clogged pores. Eeww...

The lowdown, a subsidiary of ABC, has recently reported findings that there are literally, “tens of thousands of bacteria live on each square inch of a phone, including Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), which can cause pimples or boils, and even pneumonia and meningitis.” According to the report, cell phone handsets are more contaminated than shoes, door knobs and toilets (source).

"COSMOgirl" Magazine's Tricia Carr points out that acne on the chin and neck is a growing problem among cell phone users. If you use your phone constantly, there's a good chance that you sometimes place the phone between your neck and chin to hold it in place while using both your hands on another task. The oil and dirt on your phone then becomes pressed into your skin and pores, resulting in breakouts along the jawline. She suggests using a hands-free ear piece, and sanitizing your phone. (source). 

The solution

I say stop using cellphones! Haha, kidding. But can you imagine not using our cellphone for just one day? It's impossible! With constant social media updates, texting and business deals done online, it's hard to not be connected every millisecond. The obvious thing to do is to wash our hands, avoid touching our face and clean our cellphones often.

After this light bulb moment, I remembered then that I have this cleaner that I use for my laptop which works just as well for other electronic devices. This is not an advert nor am I telling you to go out and buy this product stat, but this is what I use. I imagine electronic shops may have other brands available, so go check out those as well.

My Monster Screen Cleaner, on the other hand, does a pretty good job of cleaning my cellphone, laptops, digital cameras, etc. It even comes with a soft chamois ensuring that I don't scratch their sensitive touchscreen surfaces. I am happy to report that since July, I've been diligently wiping my cellphone clean three times weekly even brushing out whatever dander or dirt is hidden in between those dastardly crevices. My pimples are healing slowly but surely.

So, moral of the story? Clean your cellphones and landline phones regularly to avoid clogged pores and bacteria buildup. Now if only there was a solution to hormonal or PMS blemishes, yes? :)


  1. oooh... You just reminded me I also have one of those cleaners for my digicam, still unused and unopened. I guess I just had a light bulb moment. Thanks! =)

  2. Kira! This is EXACTLY what happened to me after switching to the iPhone! I was getting really frustrated when I started breaking out last year. Obsessed about it for weeks until I realized the culprit was literally in my hands. Funny it happened to you too!

  3. @Pipay: Hi Pipay! Great that you discovered the "cure" earlier than I did! So frustrating nga, especially since I didn't switch products naman and I couldn't pinpoint the culprit also. At least now, with constant cleaning, the nasty pimples are gone na! :)

  4. yay!! i have the same problem.. huhuh.. good thing i bumped into you blog.. :) i now have a solution.. but i dont know where i can buy such cleaner. :(

  5. @Enchanted: You can use baby wipes, the important thing is to remember to clean your digital devices :)