Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dinner date at Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein

Here I go again...craving for certain dishes when I'm PMS-ing. The last time I went crazy, I craved for Panna cotta from Cibo. This time around, it's kebab in all shapes, sizes and price points much to the boyfriend's dismay. So last weekend, I asked (or rather, coerced) him to eat with me at Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein in Trinoma.

I really like this restaurant because it's so quiet, homey and private. For certain tables, there are curtains that separate each group, a very relaxing date place indeed.

pretty chandelier
The boyfriend and I are really huge fans of kebab, we've tried Mister Kebab, Grilled Tomato, World's Best Persian Kebab and Go Greek but it's really Cafe Mediterranean that tops our list -- I've been a loyal patron since 2005.

So anyway, on to the food:

Beef Shish Kebab with Biryani Rice
The Beef Shish Kebab (marinated chunks of tenderloin, skewered and charbroiled into perfection) with Biryani Rice was a pleasant surprise because I normally only choose buttered Basmati long grain rice. Its curried counterpart with cashews was actually pretty interesting, and pretty good.

Chelo Kebab with Saffron Rice Php 220~
The boyfriend ordered Chelo Kebab with Saffron Rice, wasn't able to try it but he said it was okay. He's sort of hard to please, actually, and usually just answers with 'okay' all the time.

Beef Shish Kebab with Saffron Rice Php 280~

Their sauce is actually more yogurt-y than garlicky, and we prefer the latter. So needless to say, we were unimpressed with the garlic sauce. But the red sauce was really spicy!

Overall even with my dismal review of the garlic sauce, I'm happy to report that it's really the juicy, tender and flavorful meat that's the star of these Shomal dishes. How I really wish the yogurt/garlic sauce had more flavor, it was a bit bland (still can't get over it). Oh man, writing this entry is now making me crave for more kebab. Le sigh.

Trivia: Did you know that Basmati rice actually has lower sugar than Jasmine rice? Basmati has a glycemic index of 58 while Jasmine has 109. Food for thought :)

Shomal is also located in Greenbelt 3 and Serendra.


  1. Oh my, now you're making me crave for kebab. You should try Mister Kabab, though the ambiance is nothing compared to Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein. But they serve great kebabs. :)

  2. @theeightofhearts: Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to include Mister Kebab. That place is legendary in QC and one of our quick fix kebab places as well :)

  3. The food looks delicious. Ugh, if only Trinoma weren't so freaking far!

  4. @Lauren: Meron in Greenbelt 3 and Serendra :)

  5. I really really love their rice. I swear. <3

    The original Hossein branch is along Jupiter, also! :)