Thursday, September 29, 2011

Budget sun protection: Body Recipe Sunblock Cream SPF 20

One of the items I readily picked up at the recent HBC Great 88 Sale was the Body Recipe Sunblock with SPF 20, I've been meaning to try it and the sale was a great reason to finally get several. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting much since it was just Php 80, but read my review below to know why this little tub is a keeper.

First off, the tub has an inner lid to make sure that the cream contents doesn't spill over or get into the grooves. God, don't you really hate it when the product oozes out and hardens on the grooves? It looks so messy! So plus points to HBC for providing a snug-fitting inner lid.

From the photo it does look like it's so creamy and oily, but check out the ingredients list because the shea butter and goat's milk ingredients are way down meaning there are only small amounts of it. This is one of the reasons why this product, though creamy, doesn't make me oil up as fast as the other sunscreens.

The Body Recipe Sunblock SPF 20 is easy to spread and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is not entirely matte as it does impart just a teeny bit of sheen but not enough to be considered greasy, oily or sticky. My skin looks and feels well-moisturized sans the heavy and warm feeling of traditional creams.

For me, it makes for a nice makeup base because powder adheres to it well and the cream itself helps lessen my oiliness. It also doesn't impart a whitish cast that most sunscreens have and I didn't get any adverse reactions from using it (I have sensitive skin). 

the expiration date is stamped on the bottom
Btw, it has a goat's milk scent, so sniff first before you buy just to make sure you can live with it. It dissipates after a while though, so I don't really mind. Other blogs say that they oiled up easily with this product, but my experience says otherwise as it actually helps me stay matte longer especially when topped with powder.

If you are a fan of HBC products or on the hunt for a good budget sunscreen, check out the Body Recipe Sunblock SPF 20 which retails for only Php 80.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think :)

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  1. I have this too from their great at 88 promo :D But I haven't use it yet. Thanks for the review!
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    I hope you can join. :)

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  3. Really! It's only Php 80! I'm going to get one for myself!