Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The BB Cream Craze hits Watsons

It's no secret that everyone is now starting to see the benefits of BB Creams and is learning to incorporate it in one's skin care regimen. Who wouldn't want a multi-function product -- a moisturizer, foundation, makeup base that delivers anti-aging benefits and offers sun protection as well? I'm sold!

Watsons formally introduced their new BB creams at the recent Beauty Lab with the barganista consumer in mind. These BB creams certainly won't create a dent in your wallet, and yet deliver all the same benefits of the high end versions.

1. Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream - Php 199.99
This natural botanical BB cream helps provide instant soothing care of reddened and sensitive skin without irritation and is applicable for all types of skin including red, sensitive and troubled skin. It feature the antiseptic nature of natural botanical ingredients, as it helps to create good skin tone, repair damaged skin and supply nutrients to the skin.

2. Dream Girl Faith BB Cream
This functions more like a tinted moisturizer with its moisturizing and soothing properties, it offers sheer coverage.

3. Purederm Magic BB Cream - Php 699.00
Boasting of SPF 30 PA++, the Purederm BB Cream is touted as sweat-proof and waterproof. It also claims to brighten the skin tone and improve wrinkles and fine lines.

BB cream swatches
Aaand, surprise, surprise!

The makers of ONE Naturales are also jumping on the BB cream bandwagon, check out their newest product below: the Gluta & Placenta BB Cream by Glorious Skin (Php 169.00).


It basically contains Gluta and Placenta that supposedly whitens skin, it does not have sun protection though so make sure to apply sunscreen underneath. This is a steal at only Php 169.00!

Have you tried any of these BB Creams? What's your favorite? :)

All products are exclusively distributed by Watsons. Prices TBA.


  1. nope.. havent tried any bb creams yet (bb creams virgin LOL) but if im gonna try any bb cream.. it would be Gluta+Placenta BB cream.. thanks for sharing.. naku dami ko na naman maiisip bilhin kapag nasa watsons na ako hee hee

  2. So many brands to choose from! Wow! I have only tried Maybelline BB cream before. I am quite excited to try the brands you mentioned. BB creams are getting more affordable! That's super great news! :)

  3. @Rhaindropz: Watsons is indeed a one-stop shop! :)

    @MariaKristela: I tried Maybelline too, but the coverage is too sheer for me. Let me know how these new BB creams work for you. Am currently testing out the Soothing BB Cream (purple tube) :)

  4. I am trying samples as of the moment! Will try some more of them from various sellers. Sample sample muna before buying full-sized ones! :P

    I've been wanting to try the Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream and the Purederm Magic BB Cream. Sayang ala samples unlife Skin79, Skin Food and Etude House. :P

    Interesting yung sa Dream Girl at One Naturales. :)

  5. Thanks for the reviews and swatches...

  6. I tried one of Etude's and also the Maybelline. My skin is oily to I switched back to regular foundation. I might try other brands again..:)

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  8. I am currently using a BB Cream and it works like a miracle for me co'z it hides my freckles. Olive tone ako pero may mga freckles ako sa left side of my face. Before I don't know how to hide iit. Since I bought a BB cream I can now hide it but don't look too close coz it can still be seen. and aside from that I have this super oily face. Can you recommend me a brand of BB Cream that is available in our local stores?