Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swatches: NYX Hot Pink and NYX Pink Lyric

And my pink escapade continues...

I'm going crazy over these new NYX shades, so much so that I retired my NYX Louisiana lip color and am toting these new tubes with me everyday. Yes, I still love my EL Pure Color Pink Lolita to death, but these are great pink alternatives, too!

They sort of look alike in the tube, but you'll notice the difference when swatched:

click to enlarge
HOT PINK - a blue-based bubblegum pink in a creme finish. It's not super fluorescent nor overly bright, but it's still pink enough to draw some attention to your face.

PINK LYRIC - this is a more subdued medium pink. I'd say it's a little deeper than Hot Pink and definitely less blue-toned. Has a creme finish as well.

I got these from Makeup Design Academy's kiosk which I blogged about last April. These were Php 315 each (with 10% discount). You can get these cheaper online but I wanted to "try before I buy" hence the visit.

I'll post some side-by-side comparisons with my other pink lippies soon :)


  1. Nice lippies! :D ♥

  2. I'm very much into pink lipsticks lately. I feel like I look a lot younger when I wear them. hahaha :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. @Melai: Go buy na! I think Digital Traincase has both shades :)

  4. they look so similar! love them both!:)

  5. NYX lippies don't darken lips naman?

    1. Hi Chel! Didn't notice any changes to my lips, plus I use the V&M Lip Detox which is said to lighten or maintain the natural color of lips so no darkening on my end :)