Friday, July 1, 2011

Join the Watsons Beauty Hunt

Get chance to bring home a Watsons loot bag daily by joining Watsons first ever online game:

The game is pretty easy, I just finished it myself. All you have to do is to move the magnifying glass over the product shelf and hunt for the products on your shopping list. You are given 60 seconds to complete the list.

If you don’t find all of the products within 60 seconds, don’t fret, you can play again. The more number of times you complete the game by finding all the products within 60 seconds, the more chances of winning. You can read the full mechanics here.

Here's another good thing that Watsons is cooking up: users will soon have access to e-coupons from all the participating brands namely: Deonat, Hair Treats, Cyleina, Spa Essentials, ONE Naturales and Natures Organics. 

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  1. thanks for sharing. tried the game, it's really hard. :(

  2. Aww..that's ok. You'll get the hang of it. Just mouse over the products to reveal them :)