Thursday, July 14, 2011

Human Nature Love Minerals Foundation in Orient Pearl

As much as I can, I try to choose all-natural or organic alternatives. I am NOT a carrot-chewing radical, mind you, but I try to lessen my use of commercial/chemical products whenever possible. Now because I love my Pur Minerals foundation to death, I got intrigued with our local Human Nature Love Mineral pressed mineral foundation and decided to get myself a compact.

I've had my Love Minerals pressed mineral foundation in Orient Pearl since January and I was initially on the fence about this product. Seven months later, here's what I have to say about Human Nature's first mineral makeup:

Human Nature Love Minerals powder foundation has sheer to medium coverage and contains Rice Bran Oil, a long-time Japanese secret for beautiful, youthful-looking skin, as well as Rice Powder, a natural skin mattifier which helps improve skin texture. No talc, no parabens, no mineral oil, no silicone, no artificial fragrance, no artificial dyes, no alcohol or other toxic ingredients.

Prior to purchase I've done a little bit of research and even though most users say that the coverage was sheer, I went out and bought one anyway. So needless to say, I wasn't sorely disappointed with what this little powder had to offer. Indeed, let me reiterate that the coverage is indeed sheer. Having said that, it can only do a so-so job of concealing blemishes or discolorations.

However, let me tell you that it's nice to use as a finishing powder over your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. The Orient Pearl shade (the lightest shade) is a good match to my combination NC30 skin tone. I use this over my Clinique Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup to seal in the foundation and combat oilies. This provides a natural matte finish.

Based on my experience with other rice powders, foundations or powders with this ingredient can help control oil a couple of hours (on me, an average of 3 hours). However the drawback is, rice powder is usually gritty, uneven, prone to caking, cracking and has a weird smell.

Speaking of smell, my Love Minerals foundation still has that weird, organic, earthy smell which really is bothersome. It also doesn't dissipate immediately after application, but I heard the new releases has sort of a masking scent to alleviate this problem.

The Human Nature Love Minerals Powder Foundation comes in a plastic compact that is easily scratched, if you notice the label is worn down and scratched already (first photo). 

I really appreciate the expiration date which is stamped on the bottom and the fact that it is 100% natural. It did not give me any allergies or pimples, and is affordable enough for anyone who's trying out mineral makeup for the first time. I wish it was labeled more as a finishing powder because calling this a foundation is quite misleading.

Nevertheless, I do find myself reaching out for this product during midday touch-ups. I like that it's sheer because I can conveniently apply this and feel confident that it won't alter the color of my existing makeup. And well, it's all natural and perfect for my sensitive skin.

Love Minerals Foundation is Php 425/9g and comes in 4 shades. Purchase one over at

PS: I heard that a Love Minerals 2-way foundation is in the works! I'm excited :)


  1. Thanks for sharing... been meaning to purchase one :)

  2. I have the Boracay Bronze shade and it's really perfect for morenas like me. However, I found it itchy when applied. I didn't continue using it but I did not dispose of it either. I'm planning to give it a second chance (maybe after 1 month, hehe) and see what happens. =)

    I also have sensitive skin and since I've read that you didn't have any adverse reaction to this product, maybe I could try mine again.

  3. @Swexie: Hi! Are you allergic to mineral makeup in general? Hope this works for you this time around :)