Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Cuts by Angelo Justin

A few weeks ago I decided to have a long overdue haircut. And this time with Alex in tow, we went to check out Great Cuts by Angelo Justin Salon which is located on the 2nd floor of Hotel Intercontinental Makati. That's the beauty of being in Makati, everything is so accessible!

I wasn't specific on any hair style and decided to just have a trim since I didn't want to go any shorter. Alex was adamant about having highlights done for a very *top secret* shoot the next day, hrhr. First up, we met up the mane man himself, Angelo Justin, who is known for his trademark "precision cut". Angelo got his training from no less than Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy and was KC Concepcion's stylist for many years back when he was with Basement Salon. How timely since Alex also styles KC, yes?

So, I'm up first on the very fab zebra-printed chair:


You might be surprised that I'm having my hair blow-dried early on in the process. Apparently for his "precision cut" technique, hair has to be washed then blow-dried to perfection before Angelo can work his magic. Prolly not the best method for me, since I want the hairstylist to see how wavy and unmanageable my hair really is sans the blowdry. But you can see from the photo that my hair is pretty much very, very long already.

And then the cutting process begins, I hold my breath in anticipation:

Alex kept making fun of all the hair left on the floor! Boy, I do have thick hair! And after lopping off 2 inches (goodbye split ends and damaged locks), I now have a healthy head of hair. Tadaah!

thank you, Angelo!
Next, Alex and her much-awaited highlights. Literally. The process took longer than usual because someone decided to color her hair dark the night before and the highlights couldn't "latch" on to the hair. Tsk,tsk.

Angelo inspected her crowning glory and recommended light brown/warm blonde highlights to offset Alex's gorgeous dark brown dark hair.

Alex is so kyoot! pass the time, we took photos of ourselves na lang for posterity. Camwhores much?

hola friends!
Alex on the hot seat
And then the big reveal:

What a happy hair day! Alex and I were very happy with our new looks and since we were very hungry as well, we marched right off to Gerry's Grill for a quick late lunch-slash-merienda. days are so relaxing albeit so expensive. My haircut cost Php 900~ and Alex's highlights were around Php 2,600 3,000.

What's your favorite hair and/or nail salon? :) 

Great Cuts Salon is open from 9:30am -7:30pm daily. For inquiries or appointments, please call the InterContinental Branch at 793-7000 local 794 or Timor branch at 413-6355.


  1. Mine was 3k flat! :o Although I expected it din naman, I had a full head dye with haircut before in Salon 546 and it costed 3k din back in 2008. And I remember pag highlights, mas mahal. Dunno why that is!