Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dinner Date at Mary Grace Cafe

Sharing some photos from my dinner date with Mom earlier this week. This time we decided to try Mary Grace Cafe as we've been hearing that their pasta dishes were really delicious. Well, I love anything with cream on it (hee-hee) so I was willing to try out this new place.

my Mom is so cute no?
pretty doilies

Predictably, I had Mary Grace Mushroom Cream which is your basic creamy pasta with mushrooms and truffles (Php 262.00). It was okay and sort of reminded me of Green Tomato. But I love that they were very generous with the cream sauce, that's always a plus in my book. I follow a relatively low-sugar and low-sodium diet, but cream sauces are really my waterloo.

And my mom ordered Seafood Pasta (around Php 224.00) which is a tomato-based pasta with a medley of clams, squid, shrimp, cream dory and mussels. All pasta dishes are served with warm (not toasted) buttered wholewheat bread:

The servings (although they say is good for one), can actually be shared by two! Can't say if I love their pasta as they taste ordinary to me, Cafe Bola is still my favorite pasta place ---  Penne in Chorizo-Parmesan Cream, yummeh!

What are your favorite dishes at Mary Grace? I'd love to try your recommendations next time :)


  1. I haven't eaten here despite being in Trinoma more or less once a week! Subukan natin when we hang out? :))

    Also, nice new layout! :)

  2. Mary Grace Mushroom Cream looks delicious :) Want to try there soon...

  3. Mary Grace ensaymada is the best treat ever! come and drop by my blog if you have the time :)


  4. @Glenn: Go go, try it! They have a cafe in Greenbelt and Trinoma :)
    @Mar: Haven't tried that, will do next time :)