Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave in Aloe Mint

Waxing has been an integral part of my routine for the last decade or so. I'm really happy that a lot of good waxing salons have been sprouting in all the major malls, there's really no good reason not to choose waxing over shaving anymore. But sometimes, the situation calls for a quick shave rather than a quick wax. Let's say, whenever I'm in between sessions and a good event comes up (or a good date, haha), a quick jump in the shower with a razor will get things done in less than 10 minutes.

So basically what I'm saying is, I do cheat and shave sometimes. However, I've always been partial to creams or gels as opposed to foams. One day, I will go through laser hair removal but for now, I'll stick to shaving and waxing.

Anyway, one of the products that I am currently loving is Alba Botanica Cream Shave in Aloe Mint (Php 200/235ml).

A soap-free and highly emollient cream that is enriched with jojoba, vitamin E and organic botanicals. The highly concentrated and hydro-active cream formula provides ideal protection against drying and chaffing, while maximizing absorption of water, to lift and soften unwanted hair for effortless razor glide, thus reducing the risk of nicks, cuts and irritation.

It's your basic, easy to use, no-fuss shaving cream that is 100% vegan AND animal-friendly (yay!). Here are two ways of using this based on my experience:

ONE - At the end of my warm shower (when skin is moist and soft), I just apply this product sparingly and wait for it to settle for a few moments (read: 10 seconds because I'm impatient like that). And then I shave normally which means I pass by an area only once at a time to avoid razor burn.

TWO - Now if I am really in a hurry, I apply this cream sparingly to my bare legs (even when dry) and let it settle a little bit longer (read: about 15-20 seconds because I am really impatient like that). And then I just shave normally.

After all that, I just wash the area with water because it leaves a nice, moisturizing film that keeps my legs soft and supple. 

I've been using the Alba Botanica Cream Shave since May and I haven't experienced any nicks or cuts because the razor just glides over my skin like a dream. But it also helps that I tend to shave gently. So that's a quick tip right there, don't use a heavy hand or shave like there's no tomorrow. It's best used after a long, warm shower but if you're in a hurry, option two (above) can work just as well.

And the best part of all, I love, love the minty scent, very soothing and relaxing. This retails for approximately a little over Php 200/235ml and comes in Mango Vanilla, Coconut Lime and Unscented variants. It's pretty affordable and available at all Healthy Options outlets. I would really recommend this as it is a great (and fragrant) alternative to all the aerosol and chemical shaving foams out there.


  1. Like you, I really need to save up for laser hair removal. I'm just scared that after dishing out that much money that I'd still have to pay monthly for maintenance, eh di parang ganun din, mas mahal pa! (I heard that story from my roommate who had laser for her underarms). The only up side to that is--hopefully, no ingrown hair anymore. :(


  2. @Alex: If I stop buying makeup and clothes, I may have money towards laser hair removal haha. Yes, my derma told me the same thing. Laser hair removal is not 100% effective because you really can't get rid of ALL the hair. Let's check groupons kaya?