Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I got over the crazy weekend sale

I mentioned on Twitter last Friday that VMV Hypoallergenics was having a 25% discount on ALL items including their Armada sunblocks until May 31. My sister and I took advantage of this right away, because their sunblock line rarely goes on sale. I think their best gimmick yet was a BOGO on their Armada line last year, which I'm hoping they'll repeat in the near future.

From left to right (discounted prices)
Id Anti-bacterial Monolaurin Gel Php 480
Armada Face Cover 45 (travel size) Php 698
 Armada Face Cover 45 (full size) Php 1200
Armada Face & Body Shield Php 1320

I've been using Face Cover 45 (on and off) since college. Being a skin care junkie it's somewhat hard to be loyal to just one product, but I noticed that I do go back to using Armada every so often especially when other products turn out to be greasy or not suitable for sensitive skin.

What did you buy over the crazy weekend sale? :)


  1. Awwwww! Am so inggit!

  2. Is VMV available in the UK, yaelie? :)