Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's new at Bedazzle

I've been out of the crafting loop since December. I seriously haven't created anything new hence the lack of posts on my online shop (Mr. Breadkins waves hello). I think I've been biding my time since the -ber months are so far away...when in reality I should start preparing by July.

"Am I ready to give up my bazaar life?," Kira thinks out loud. 

Anyway, for a dose of inspiration I decided to visit Cat's store today. Yep I am still sick (I think this will go on until the weekend, boo) and as Cat said, "Man you look reeally sick." The bags, sleepy eyes and sallow complexion were still there.

But to cheer everyone up, myself included, here are some of Cat's new items: 

feather earrings
feather rosette bangle
digital camera purse
adorable cat purses
connector ring & bracelet
"Shoe Love" by Bedazzle

Visit the Bedazzle store at the 3F University Mall, Taft Avenue (beside McDonald's and DLSU).

PS: Did you know that Bon Chon Chicken is opening soon in UM? Amazing, right? :D


  1. Ooh, wow. Another reason to go back to that area. :D

  2. @Bea: Go visit! Nagulat ako when I saw the Bon Chon sign yesterday at DLSU! Excited much :D
    @Myrted: Her shoes are approx P400 and below, so affordable :) The red one is their bestseller :D

  3. cute connector ring and bracelet!