Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking of Adopting a Pet?

I visited the CARA Clinic (Care and Responsibility for Animals) last week to check out the cats for adoption. To my knowledge it is the only well-maintained animal welfare clinic in the Philippines. The place is super clean (no icky smells or sticky flooring) and the cats are very healthy and well-taken care of.

CARA was formed in the year 2002 by a dedicated group of animal lovers determined to help the plight of animals in the Philippines. Its main purpose is to educate people about animal animal welfare and the rights of animals, help decrease overpopulation by offering spay and neutering services at a low cost and find quality homes for rescues through their adoption program. It's a non-profit, non-government organization that receives no government funding; CARA relies solely on private donations.

This organization has been on my radar for the past few months, mainly because I've always wanted to give back to the animal community and this clinic is located very near my alma mater. I grew up loving animals of all shapes and sizes (even crabs!) that one visit to the clinic really tugged at my heartstrings. If you want to share your home with a pet, please consider adopting one from CARA.

CARA is NOT a shelter but there are currently 40 cats in-house, these are the animals that badly need rescuing, while some were the result of being thrown (literally) inside the gate by pedestrians thinking that CARA will take of them anyway. Other rescued cats are fostered by the CARA volunteers and temporarily reside in their houses until they get adopted.

Here are some of the really adorable cats you'll find at the clinic, all of them are up for adoption:

The cats are allowed to play around and socialize twice a day; they have toys, a scratching post and other stuff they like to play with:

Most of the cats are healthy and robust, while some need more time to heal their wounds / infections. I even saw a blind kitty *kira weeps* She desperately needs a home!

This is the clinic where cats and dogs are treated, spayed and neutered.

We hope that you can take the time to visit the CARA clinic and have your pets spayed or neutered, and we hope that you can also take home some of the pets. If you'd like to help but can't adopt (like me, because I have too many dogs already), you can help sponsor a pet too!

For more info:

Call 3533381
Address: 2365 Singalong St. Malate, Manila (walking distance from St. Scholastica's College)


  1. awwww...
    i'm glad na there are lots of shelters na for animals. do they only have cats?

  2. OMG KIRA! KITTIES!!! i have had an encounter with CARA 4x now. All times I wanted to adopt one but I couldn't because my mom is deadly scared of them.

    3x of those are from friends who wanted me to come with them to check out who to adopt (doggies btw) and the latest one is the CARA 'take home a cat today' booths on malls (the one i chanced upon is the one in gbelt). :( soon as i get a place of my own i will get one!

    ps: got myself a domain to blog!! :)

  3. @tHiAmErE: As of puro cats, since they're the most prolific. The cats are very sweet, and I wish I could adopt them all but I have so many dogs already!

    @Lai: I have this fave kitty (I think less than 6 mos old) that I always visit, very sweet & playful. Added your blog to my reading list :)

  4. thanks for sharing about CARA! I have a new puppy, a friend just gave him to us because he didn't wanna sell him anymore and he needed a home. :) i wish i could adopt them all!!! even the cats!

  5. Our cat gave birth to five kittens, and since we couldn't take care of all of them, my aunt is planning to take them to CARA.
    I really, really love animals and I also want to volunteer in organizations like CARA or PAWS. Maybe soon. Anyway, thanks for writing about this : )

  6. @Lena: Hi! Unfortunately CARA isn't a shelter for pets that you don't want or can't accommodate. I suggest giving the kittens to your friends and having your cat neutered/spayed in order to avoid future pregnancies :) Yes, CARA and PAWS need lots of volunteers, so I hope you can join :)

  7. In SG, it's very hard/expensive to keep cats... :( Since housing here is mostly either public apartments or private condominiums, the managements don't allow cats as pets since they tend to loiter about.

  8. OMG, this post just breaks my heart! If I had the space, money, and time to take care of all of them, I definitely would. We already have two cats in the house though, and my dad doesn't want a third. I'll definitely adopt a kitty if I can, or rescue them from pet shops. I hate how pet shop cats are treated in this country. :(

  9. Uy it's kinda near lang! I've been thinking of doing that nga eh, adopt na lang next time. I've never bought cats naman talaga, and I always never have more than one or two around the house. But they're a joy to be with. :) Yun nga lang mas gusto ko yung may personality ng house cats talaga, yung hindi masyadong gala outside, like my Kirara now. I don't want to keep cats in cages naman. Thanks for sharing CARA! I've always wanted to help out in animal shelters, I just don't know where they are. PAWS lang alam ko dati and wala naman atang malapit samin.


  10. Alex, the next time you want to visit CARA just text me. I'm a train ride away :D