Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Majolica Majorca Aurora Tear Liner

I am such a huge fan of Lai's wide-eyed, almost doll-like eyes. She was the perfect candidate to try out Majolica's new Tear Liner from their newest collection, Fake Sleeping. Check out her review below:

Lai is a (recently turned) 25 yr old graphic designer working in a corporate world and loves dolling herself up. Her typical date day look includes circle lenses, soft curls, a simple light pink lipstick and a smile on her face. She also likes going bare faced in the office. She loves kitties, her pet rabbit, polaroids and her reading nook. She has recently come back to the blogging world, writing her thoughts on her site

Who doesn't love getting awesome packages in the mail? Imagine my delight when I saw what was waiting for me when I got home from the office -- Majolica Majorca's Aurora Tear Liner in PK (Php 595)!

This is my first Majolica product and I was so excited to try this brand so I just had to say yes when Kira asked me if I would like to try the tear liner as one of her guest bloggers.

The packaging was alright compared to their other products, though it wasn't as flashy. It came perfectly sealed, which is great because you'll know right away that you're getting a new product. And when I opened the cap, out came the glittery goodness!

This product features a clear pearly fluid with opalescent glitter (pink, lavender, blue) and comes with a soft brush tip. I didn't detect any scent whatsoever.

Seeing pictures of the product on the net and how well glittered the eyelashes looked (can you tell this is what I was most excited to achieve), I dove right in to trying it out.


on me: Revlon Photoready powder in 020, Ellana minerals powder blush in happiness, In2it eyebrow powder, 
Nichido liquid eyeliner, Maybelline mascara, Etude house lipstick in light pink 
and Majolica Majorca's tear liner on the waterline (a little also dabbed on top of my lids)

First, I tried it on my waterline. I was somewhat disappointed because it doesn't show a vivid streak of silver which is what I was hoping for. It has more of a translucent formula with micro glitters. If this is the look you're going for then you'd be contented but I was more interested in seeing a visible streak than just seeing the silvery goodness only when the light shines on my eye.


on me: Revlon Photoready powder in 020, Ellana minerals powder blush in happiness, In2it eyebrow powder, 
Maybelline mascara, drugstore brand metallic eyeshadow on waterline and tear corner (gifted, does not have a brand on it), Nyx soft matte in Addis ababa and Majolica Majorca tear liner only on eyelashes.

Then I tried it on my eyelashes, I totally loved the effect on the promotional photos, it's as if you're out in the snow and a few flakes caught on your lashes. But alas, as I expected from my initial application on the waterline, the translucent almost transparent cream did not give out the snow white silver effect. It just clumped my eyelashes and you have to turn your head side-by-side to see the glitters.


If you want to apply a glittery top coat on your matte eyeliner, mascara or eyeshadow then the Majolica tear liner is perfect for you. Although the price is a bit steep at Php 595, you'll be able to use it to add that interesting sparkle to your look.

Overall, I personally wouldn't use this much as sadly, it is not smudge-proof nor waterproof but it would be great for those girls who prefer adding a bit of shimmer to their eyelashes and waterline. The translucent/almost transparent formula of the tear liner will be perfect for layering over non-glittery make up.

Have you tried a similar product? What are your thoughts?

The new Majolica Majorca Fake Sleeping collection will be out in stores by July.


  1. Hmmmm. I haven't really tried these kinds of products yet 'cause I don't wanna look too made up, but I'm thinking of giving them a try. I'm more of a lippie and cheek tint girl. :P

  2. hi, you need to apply jeweling pencil first, then, you use your aurora tear to make it more gliter.. jeweling pencil (marble) look very nice