Thursday, June 2, 2011

My fave night moisturizer: All Organics Rosehips Cream

Since November of last year, I've been religiously using Skin Hour's Night Moisturizer before bedtime and I've been enjoying how moisturized, supple and even-toned my skin has become. But I was getting bored of my routine and longed for a lighter, more gel-like moisturizer. Don't get me wrong, Skin Hour's Night Moisturizer is pretty good but I wanted to spice up my skin care routine just a bit.

So after seeing the All Organics Rosehips Cream on the shelves for many months, I decided to try it. It's so affordable at only Php 195/30ml that it was worth a shot. I've been a huge fan of All Organics for many years, and I particularly love their feminine wash and natural soaps.

Rosehips Oil repairs damaged skin tissue, restores elasticity and rebuilds the skin collagen. It counters fine lines and surface wrinkles. Ginseng is an adaptogen which tones and revitalizes skin. Catechins in Green Tea is a clinically proven anti-aging ingredient. Seaweed extracts help to firm up skin texture.  

Use daily as a moisturizer before bedtime, you will notice your skin get firmer and fairer. Helps lighten blemishes.

Texture. I really like how light this moisturizer is, I'd say it has a gel-lotion consistency which is absorbed well by my skin. It spreads easily and does not feel heavy or warm at all. In my opinion, this could very well be considered as a serum as well.

Packaging. Comes in a hygienic and semi-opaque pump bottle that is very handy for travelling. The semi-opaque container is a nice touch since it can prolong the shelf life of sensitive products containing vitamin C. The useful pump also dispenses just the right amount -- half to a pump each for my cheeks, forehead, and T-zone. 

Scent. It smells a little bit like ascorbic acid (read: tart or sour), and to my nose reminds me of mayonnaise (?). Of course it's not particularly overwhelming, I just have a sensitive nose, that's all :)

Effect. Gives me fresh, supple skin every time I wake up in the morning. My skin isn't crazy oily (as in the effect of other night moisturizers) but it is very soft and moisturized.  

In my experience, it did lighten some of the surface blemishes on the bridge of my nose where I had a zit and several other blemishes last week -- a bad reaction from another product that I decided to testdrive. I experienced a little bit of peeling on those healed blemishes as well, the Rosehips Cream may have helped exfoliate the dead skin.

My anti-aging skin concerns are mostly on the prevention part, so I wouldn't know the effect of this cream for ladies who have deep wrinkles or those who require more advanced anti-aging skin regimens.

Availability. The All Organics Rosehips Cream is readily available in all Sesou kiosks (got mine in Trinoma) and online at

Price. Php 195/30ml

Would I repurchase?  

Yes, most definitely. I really like how light this feels on the face and it's wrinkle-prevention/anti-aging properties. I am almost in my 30s (yikes!) and this is something I should definitely invest in. I also love how affordable it is and the fact that despite it being an organic product, didn't break me out or give rashes. Trust me, I've had allergic reactions to organic/natural skin care products from Healthy Options.

Lastly, it's from a brand that I've been a fan of for many years and oh, it's a 100% Filipino product! Yay! :)


  1. looks like a great product. Will definitely givr this a try

  2. I've never used rosehip oil in a cream-based moisturizer before. I've always used the oil itself but I've found it to be quite good in softening wrinkles. I'm tempted to give this a try... ^^

  3. @Vivi: I heard Rosehips Oil is good for the skin but since I have combination skin to begin with, I prefer this gel/cream-based concoction :)

  4. Amoy Elmer's glue sya for me, haha! I wasn't noticing anything with my skin, so I gave it to my brother muna who's having skin problems. But I'll probably repurchase and use it as an anti-wrinkle cream, too. My mom swears by it. Nakakatanggal daw ng rashes.


  5. @Alex: Di ba I got this tip from you, sabi mo your Mom loves it kaya I decided to try it. Okay sya, non-oily. And I'd love to think that it does some anti-aging things for me, even though I don't see radical changes yet:D