Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Majolica Majorca "Fake Sleeping" Collection

The new Majolica collection named "Fake Sleeping" is due in stores next month. In case you were wondering, the theme was inspired by Sleeping Beauty in the forest, peacefully awaiting the gentle kiss of Prince Charming to wake her from a hundred years of slumber.

It features 2 products: the Aurora Tear Liners and their second fragrance, Majoromantica F. Thanks to Lux Asia for giving us samples of their newest products to try:

Love the gold purse! far I've loving their new Majoromantica F scent and the green polish!

I want to know: Which product strikes your fancy? :)


  1. the tear liners look amazing!!!

  2. Interesting! The MM packaging is soo cute!

  3. I agree, Nina, Majo has really nice packaging. It's really worth whipping out in public restrooms :)

    @Debi: Yup, reviewing that this month :)

  4. wanna try their liners! oh my! where's their branch near quezon city?

  5. @Sweetandhappylife: They have stalls in most (if not all) SM dept. stores. Check out the SM North Edsa branch :)