Monday, June 27, 2011

How to fix a split toenail

Gaaah! My boyfriend accidentally stubbed my toe yesterday and my toenail split! Such a waste of a perfectly good pedicure. What do you do when accidents like this happens? I've got a quick fix for you, all you need are a few simple items. I learned this from one of my ever fab FA friends:

nail polish, clear polish, Mighty Bond, toothpick and a piece of tissue (shown below)
Step 1: Apply glue to the cracked/split part of your nail using a toothpick, be careful not to apply glue to your skin. Smooth out the edges.

Step 2: While glue is still wet, place a piece of [1 ply] tissue on top. This will help the split nails fuse together.

Press the tissue down gently so it absorbs the glue and becomes translucent.
Let the glue dry.
Step 3: Generously layer on your nail polish.

Step 4: Generously layer on clear nail polish to give the illusion of smoothness.

Finished product: Tadaaaah!

If you experience clumps and unevenness brought about by the glue + tissue combi, don't worrry as it won't be really be obvious --- unless you look at your nail up close. This quick fix method should work until your next pedicure...or in my case, until the nail grows to a good enough length to cover my nail bed. Also, don't worry about the glue too much, your manicurist can easily scrape it away without much fuss.

PS: This works for fingernails as well :)


  1. waw! this is soo helpful Kira! haha. ganyang ganyan ang pagkaka-split ng nails ko. haha. yung sakin namin, natisod ako. haha. clumsy as usual. haha. Thanks for the tip dear! ;) gaganyanin ko muna nails ko while di pa din tumutubo ng maayos haha. Thanks ♥

  2. Thanks Lori! Clumsy din ako minsan. Before I stubbed my toe, natisod naman ako sa cage ni P-nut and the nail on my pinky toe split :-s

  3. ackkk! this always happens to me whenever i wear my crocs alice, sakto naman yung size ng shoe, comfy naman, but for some reason, this happens. so yeah, thanks for posting this, haha. i used to trim my nails if that occurs, that it looks weird na afterwards.

  4. Boyfriends do that, stub their girlfriends' toes I mean. But I must admit that I am quite clumsy so no reason putting all the blame on him, hihi. Thanks for this tip, Ms. Kira :)

  5. haha. this a MUST-read tip for all clumsy beauties out there. haha :))

  6. @Kriz: I would normally trim the nails din, but this time I couldn't because it would expose my nail bed! I really have to wait for my nail to grow out :(

    @Theeightofhearts: Haha, first time he stubbed my toe! The last time natisod lang ako sa cage ni P-nut (my chihuahua).

    @Lori: Thanks hunny :)

  7. So helpful Kira!! Thanks for the tip, bet this will come handy!:-)

    Kristen (Paperbag Vintage)

  8. wow! the same happened to my toe nail last week! pinatungan ko lang ng nail polish! hahaha! will do this next time.. nice tip, very helpful. :)

  9. nice tip, Kira!
    Thanks for sharing!