Thursday, June 16, 2011

The green-eyed monster

I'm sporting apple green nails today courtesy of Majolica Majorca.

And oh, coincidentally, Happy 100th Anniversary to DLSU! 
Thank you, La Casita & DLSU for loving our cream puffs (and other pastries) for the past 6 years! 
You make my mom so happy :D


  1. Hi Kira! This is Cent, girl from Eastwood bazaar a few years ago. I stumbled upon your blog and I would just like to say...OMG!! Those pastries are from you??? I love the revel bar!!! <3

  2. Hi Cent! Hoe are you?? I miss you guys! :D Yes we supply La Casita and all the occasions they cater to. I'm really glad you love them, I'll tell my mom :D Were you able to go to the pyrofestival and the street party @ DLSU last night? :)

  3. I'm good! Graduating on the 25th! :) Super love those pastries!! I think 1/2 of the weight I gained when I was a frosh was because of those pastries hehe! Yes I was there! Did you go? :)

  4. @Cent: That's awesome! Congratulations!!! If you want to order pastries let me know, just email me <3

  5. Wow! How much is this? :)


  6. @Daphne: Majo nail polishes are P225 each :)