Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cerulean Blue

The moment I saw this gorgeous blue pair last May, I knew I had to buy them.

Bright, happy color -- check!
Polka dot inner -- check!
Interesting design -- check!
Affordable price (Php 699) -- check!
Size 4 (very important!) -- check!

It was beckoning, I tell ya. BUT, I was seriously on a shopping ban then so I decided (with much dismay) to pass. For the weeks that followed, I was secretly hoping that they'd still be there the next time I find myself loitering in Glorietta 5.

hello chartreuse nails!
And then just last week, I found myself in Makati for a meeting and well, decided to nonchalantly pass by the Ferretti boutique. Almost magically, the shoes were still there! Yay! So to cut the long story short, I bought them and I haven't been happier since.

I love my new Ferretti kicks and its cheery, youthful color! Very comfy, too.

What are your latest picks from the new Ferretti lineup? Any bright purchases lately? :)


  1. I remember hearing the color CERULEAN BLUE from Miranda of Devil Wears Prada. It looks fab on you!


  2. cute shoes!!! even the inner, polka-dot design screams cuteness <3

  3. nice dear..i come here to follow u..already put ur blog in my fav list blog..=)i'll follow every entry that u post dear..