Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Skin Care Tips from the Clinique Consultation

A few weeks ago I attended the Clinique event in Trinoma where we were given a chance to consult our beauty concerns with a Dermatologist. Trinoma is very near my place that when I received the invite, I was so happy to go.

The atmosphere was very fun and casual yet very informative.

I came with my friend Ish, owner and creator of Morbie Dolls, among other things. She's always busy with teaching (and sailing) so it was nice that she was able to attend this event as she loves Clinique. We first had our session with Dr. Charissa Mia Salud-Gnilo, a young, effervescent Board Certified Dermatologist (very important!) who was so much fun to talk to. I mainly asked about my number one skin concern: sun protection.

Lemme share some tips she taught me:

1. One should always apply sunscreen with SPF 30 and with a +++ PA rating everyday, whether you stay indoors or outdoors. Apply to all exposed body parts, too.

2. Don't be complacent with SPF ratings that claim to protect us longer under the sun. Reapplication is key. Or if you don't want to redo your makeup, touching up with a pressed powder/mineral makeup with SPF will suffice.

3. Layering on moisturizer and makeup that both contain SPF does not mean you get higher protection from the sun. SPF 15 + SPF 15 does not equal SPF 30. At the most, you only get protection from the product with the highest SPF rating, or in this case, a more solid protection of SPF 15.

4. If you wipe off your perspiration after applying sunscreen, the sun protection goes with it. That's why we have to reapply several times within the day for optimal protection.

5. Although spray-ons and sunblock gels are more convenient to apply, these provide the least amount of protection from the sun. It would be best to use a lotion or cream, preferably with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These ingredients do not disintegrate even after sun exposure, unlike their chemical counterparts.

6. The length of your index finger determines how much sunscreen you should apply to your face.

7. Freckles are the skin's natural reaction to overexposure to the sun. Think of them as tiny umbrellas that open up after prolonged exposure. For some people, these may lighten or darken depending on the weather, but they will never completely go away. The best you can do is to prevent them from holding hands and partying -- I'm kidding. The best thing you can do is to really protect yourself from the sun to keep them from multiplying and further darkening.

8. We all have dark undereye circles, the key here is to moisturize the area well and avoid scratching or tugging at the skin to further cause edema or blood pooling (the causes of the bluish effect). "Brightening" eye creams do work, to a certain extent, but bear in mind that these undereye circles aren't pigments to begin with so any sort of "whitening" product (which contain optical diffusers to give the illusion of the brightening effect) are only temporary fixes. Drinking lots of water to keep your skin hydrated can help, too.

I'm pretty judicious about my sunscreen application, so I was really grateful for the tips Dr. Charissa shared with us. More photos below:

her son is adorable
I also consulted with a Clinique SA on how to apply my own makeup, because everyone knows I don't like getting too dolled up and layering too much war paint on my face. Stay tuned for the whole makeup experience in my future post! :)

If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Charissa Mia Salud-Gnilo and have your own consultation, her clinics are in the Manila/Taft area near PGH. Also contact her through 0917-8814729 and 585-7798.


  1. waw. a very informative post it is! Thanks for sharing some tips. ^___^ Also, thanks sa pics. hihi. nice meeting you @ this event. Where do you upload the pictures? hihi.

  2. Hi Lori, thanks :) You're free to grab photos if you'd like, I just upload to Picasa :)

  3. awesome! i love your outfit! followed your blog already. :) I also had a clinique consultation with Nikki of Askmewhats :) I'm really starting to love clinique yay!

  4. Kira! Such a helpful post! - I've been trolling online for a good sunblock - for daily wear, not for the beach! Can you recommend anything? I use a moisturizer and am wary about layering on sunblock because t's just too hot and sticky to pile on too many products with this damn heat. Is it best to go for separate products, or just go with a facial lotion with SPF? What do you use??? What can you recommend?

    (Hala, nag free derma consultation na ko sa yo! Heehee, thank you!)

  5. @Iya: Hi there! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your Clinique consultation as well. PS: Was reading your love story, it's so touching <3

    @Anna: Emailed you :D

  6. I read an article on about skincare which I now follow religiously. You must always cleanse, tone and moisturize. We've heard this before, but Oprah's advice is to apply 2 different moisturizers at different times of the day: at night, use a creamy moisturizer and in the morning, a gel-based moisturizer. My skin's so much better for it! Am just really glad that Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer comes in the 2 prescribed types! :)

  7. 6. The length of your index finger determines how much sunscreen you should apply to your face.
    > Really? I've not been applying enough sunscreen all this time!

  8. @Yaelie: I do the same thing, though I use a lighter, non-greasy moisturizer in the morning then switch to a thicker cream by night.

    @Mara: I think everyone's guilty of not applying the right amount of sunscreen and reapplying it throughout the day ;) Blame it on our tropical weather, I perspire pa naman easily :(