Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Pure Beauty Super Brightening Toner

I recently asked the oh-so-adorable Kari to testdrive Watsons' newest  product, the Pure Beauty Super Brightening Toner. I am a fan of her blog and she is such a doll in real life, too (click to see our photo together)! Check out her full review  below:

Kari is a glasses-wearing 21-year old with a not-so-secret love for makeup & skincare.She likes singing, owls, and pretty things. Read more of her beauty & fashion ramblings over at 

When Kira offered a chance for me to do a guest post, I couldn’t say no. For one, I love her blog, and for another, I was curious about the product she sent for review. Pure Beauty was launched at Watsons just a couple of months or so ago, with several lines for both skincare and hair care that were formulated for Asian skin. The product I will share with you guys today is the toner from their Super Brightening line.

I dig the simple yet elegant packaging
The Super Brightening Toner contains arbutin, niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and various plant extracts that can control the formation of pigmentation, as well as help keep the skin supple and radiant. It is also dermatologically tested and good for all skin types.

I like that the manufacturing date is printed on the box and that there is also an indicated storage period of 3 years (not in picture). I don’t think I would want to keep any skincare on a shelf for three years, though!

The pump mechanism makes it easier to control the amount of product used. At first use it may take you a few pumps to get the product going, but after that it’s a smooth-sailing experience. I normally use 3-4 pumps, which is more than enough for the entire face.

The product itself is a clear, scented, slightly gel-like liquid. This kind of consistency doesn’t settle as fast on a cotton pad or ball, but a gentle spread of the product with a finger fixes this. It also takes a touch longer to absorb, but my skin felt refreshed and was soft to touch after a couple of minutes. There was no stinging, and while there was an initial feeling of tightness around the corners of the mouth, it disappeared after using the toner for several days—a sign that my skin was getting the hydration it needed. It also helped in removing dirt or makeup that I wasn’t able to completely wash off, especially around the neck area.

Eww, I know. It's kind of satisfying to see dirt on a cotton pad, though.
Warning: no-makeup pictures ahead! Prior to using the toner, I worried constantly about my uneven skintone, caused primarily by redness. My skin was also dull, rough and dry—if you look closely at the picture, you will notice little flakes of skin around my nose.

The next picture is from a little more than a month of usage. While my skin was more “toned” and supple in person, I didn’t really notice the effect until I got to taking these pictures. My redness was definitely lessened and my skin had an overall brighter, more even appearance.

As for the whitening claim, I am sad to say I didn’t notice any whitening effects. I believe you would have to use the entire Super Brightening range for that, or use this in conjunction with other whitening products. The brightening effect is also temporary and will last only for as long as you use the product, but it’s pretty good while you do! 

The 229-peso price tag is also friendly on the wallet, considering how long this will last. With twice-a-day use, one bottle would last you around three months and contains 150ml worth of product. I recommend this toner to girls (and guys!) looking for a way to perk up their skin on a budget, but not if you’re in the market for whitening effects that are a little more long-lasting.

Pure Beauty exclusively available in Watsons and SM Department stores.

Thank you, Kari, for the very informative and detailed review! :) And I hope you guys liked reading her entry as much as I did, stay tuned for more guest posts :)


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