Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New discovery: Super Wipe Stain Remover

I'm pretty anal about my shoes and bags. So anal that no matter how late I get home, I have to clean them first (especially the icky soles) before I store them. There is nothing more heart-breaking than having an obvious stain or prominent scuff mark on my prized [faux] leather satchels and sandals.

Recently, I've become a proud owner of white/bone-colored platforms from Ferretti. I love them to bits but I couldn't stop fussing about the eventual scuff marks. See, these are the things that keep me up all night, LOL. Good thing I discovered Super White Dirt and Stain Remover from Handyman last week.

I only need to apply a small amount on a soft cloth (or tissue if I'm in a pinch) and rub the area several times to ease the stain out. A little elbow grease helps, too, for more stubborn stains :)

I know some people use Wipe Out, it's another great stain remover as well but I prefer Super Wipe because it smells better and is gel-like in texture. Super Wipe also does not leave an oily finish so I can store my leather goods right away after cleaning. And most importantly, it does get rid of stains and dirt (except the really indelible ones). This retails for only Php 65.00 for a huge 250g jar, available at most hardware stores.

What do you use to keep your valuables in tip-top shape?


  1. nice post, this works for tar stains on my car too...