Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mochi Ice Cream Saved the Day!

This pretty pink  booth caught my eye at the recent Bloggers United bazaar, which was really more like a meet & greet for fashionistas rather than an actual bazaar, hee-hee. I was/am still on a shopping ban and therefore wasn't really interested in buying anything.

I'm glad I bumped into Lai when I got here, she is one of my favorite people in the world. If you must know, she designed my business card and Mr. Breadkins who currently mans my online shop (which I haven't updated since all my items are at the stores listed anyway).

Off the bat, lemme tell you that these pastries were adorable!!! BU handbags? How cute!

Alex nudged me to take a Red Velvet Cupcake, even though she perfectly knew that I really do not like them. I rolled my eyes and said, "Red Velvet Cupcakes are just brownies in sheep's clothing." You can't fool me, you adorable little cupcake with teeny tiny hearts you.

Cookie Dough Monster
Like I said, I promised myself that I wouldn't spend any money today BUT hello, I spotted the mochi ice creams and *bam* spent my money on  these munchies like there was no tomorrow. I love mochi ice creams, my favorite being the Caramel Mochi of Mochiko from Mercato Centrale. These new ones from Sophie's Mom are a good alternative, though. Smaller, but pretty good as well. These were budget-friendly at only Php 40 each, while Mochiko costs Php 70.

Must try: Cookie Dough Monster and Frozen Brazo & Vanilla, nomnomnom! :D

Stookies were Php 40 each

Sugar fix *yum*. Fancy a cup of tea, Gov'ner? :)


  1. I love red velvet kaya! Hehehe :D Sana I tried it nga eh, but that Frozen Brazo mochi is sooooo delicious! I love their mochi better than Mochiko, the ones in Mercato.


  2. I love all Mochi Ice Creams, but specifically Caramel from Mochiko. When we separated at BU I bought 3 pcs pa, and gave one to Lauren and Lai. The Brazo and Strawbs & Cream were really good too :)