Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday P-nut!

It only seems like yesterday when I first adopted these little runts from the vet. These photos were taken using our mobile phone cameras back in 2003, they were barely a few weeks old here:

Today, P-nut, Sparky and Chi are celebrating their 8th birthday with us! I decided to prepare a special "cake" made of their favorite lamb kibble, canned dog food and real pork liver. Yummeh!
My doggie, Don P-nut (also seen here)
My Mom's doggie, Chi-Chi
My sister's doggie, Sparky
They all couldn't wait to have their cake and eat it too! P-nut gobbling up his birthday cake:

Happy 8th Birthday to P-nut, Chi and Sparky! We love you <3


  1. :D yey happy bday P-nut, Chi and Kira your dog (P-nut) is really photogenic ha!

  2. Thanks guys!

    @Lyn: Yes he likes having his picture taken, hee-hee :)

  3. Happy birthday p-nut, chi and sparky!

    you mind sharing what food you give to your dogs? I'm stuck with giving mine canned dog food which is a tad pricey. i love him to bits though, so sometimes i don't mind buying what he likes than what my wallet prefers :)

  4. Hi Kriz! Currently they're enjoying Optima Lamb & Rice or Holistic Recipe Lamb & Rice. They're not picky eaters so we rotate brands. On occasion I mix their kibble with a little bit of canned dog food and pork meat/liver.

    I'm on the lookout now for a brand specifically for senior dogs since they should be consuming less protein now that they're older :)

  5. Aaawww... Happy happy birthday! :) Loves loves to the doggies! :)

  6. happy birthday, you little menaces! :)

  7. wow! i used to give mine the same kibble he would eat it at first, then ayaw uli na. Plus, he's stomach is quite sensitive so switching brand / food is a big no no.

    hehe, cute talaga ni p-nut. he knows how to pose. he's like human posing before blowing the cake :)