Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Habanero's Steakhouse & Cafe

I have a boyfriend and a Dad who loves bikes, and I mean big bikes. I have ridden one of these super fast machines and being one who can only drive a scooter, my first big bike experience scared the wits out of me. Really, really. My mom does not approve of their fast riding especially in urban areas, but provincial rides are relatively okay. I, on the other hand, can only ride a wimpy scooter at only 40-60kph. I am putting my Dad to shame here, lol.

Anyway, one of the good things about having a boyfriend and a Dad who travels are the cheap restos and cafes they discover. I've had delicious steak meals and burgers in hole-in-the-wall places that I would normally never encounter.

Yesterday, we were scheduled to deliver bike gear to one of his distributors in Cavite. After the transaction, ze boyfriend invited me to have lunch at Habanero's Steakhouse & Cafe which was nearby and a popular hangout for bikers. He proudly said their specialty was tapang kabayo. Uh-oh...

The interiors pretty much look like the typical grill restaurant, very homey and welcoming. I love how affordable the meals are --- the prices range from only Php 75 to nothing above Php 200.

Tapang Kabayo - Php 100
Tenderloin Tips  - Php 160
As predicted, my boyfriend ordered Tapang Kabayo while I safely opted for the Tenderloin Tips and mashed potato. All I have to say is: the tapang kabayo was pretty good! Twas tender and very tasty, not tough and rubbery at all! The Tenderloin Tips was okay as well, the mashed potato needed a little work -- if it were me I'd add milk, butter and a dash of salt.

ze sleepy (and workaholic) boyfriend

And here's the clincher: I love, love, love their YEMA! It's soft, gooey, chewy, a little burnt (in a good way) with a dash of langka (PS: I don't like rock-hard yemas). Mmmm.....It's only Php 8 each and I totally grabbed 10 right away. I can't wait to go back and score more yemas! Hee-hee....

If you happen to find yourself in Daang Hari, Cavite, Habanero's Steakhouse & Cafe is worth checking out. I'm pretty sure you'll get a kick out of their Tapang Kabayo, Cream Dory and Grilled Tanigue, among others.

Habanero's Steakhouse & Cafe is located at the Phoenix Gas Station, Daang Hari, Cavite.


  1. I want what your boyfriend is holding. Haha!

  2. kira! i was a user of samsung tab then sold it, I was having issues with the battery. How long does your tab's battery last?

    ps: sorry, unrelated comment :p

  3. I live near Daang Hari! Will check out that resto nga :)

  4. @Kriz: It's his business phone so the batt only lasts a day. As in, constant phonecalls every nanosecond! :)

    @Mara: Ooh..that's great. Casual dining lang sya and the food's very affordable and pretty good :)