Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back to my old pink self.

I've been enjoying wearing red on my lips for the past month, and now I think it's time to wear dashes of pink again. I miss pink. Badly.

Loose top: Promod | Petite Sateen Capris: Dorothy Perkins | Wedges: SM Dept. Store | Pink Satchel: SM Dept. Store
So anyway, this is what I wore to the Clinique "The Doctor is IN" event last Friday. I can't imagine getting too dressed up for events in this infernal heat, so I conveniently chose neutrals this time. I actually like my outfit a lot that I may repeat this getup in the future, haha. It's so comfy and simple. Love. :)

Also, care to share what's in YOUR bag?

I'm prolly one of those people who packs almost everything --- hand/potty spray, lotion, tissue, perfume, oil blotting sheets, notebook, mints, tablets for headaches, vitamins, camera, band-aids, etc. I'm the the type of girl who prefers to be prepared for whatever surprise life might throw my way, especially if it happens to be messy and there aren't any clean comfort rooms (or wash rooms) around. Haha. I could even fit in an umbrella in my bag somewhere...but I didn't bring one today.

So how are you guys? Hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend! :)

PS: My hair's getting too long and I don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?


  1. i like your comfy outfit kira :) and i agree, it's better to be prepared than be caught by surprise with things you need but didn't bring around :))

  2. Thank you, Hazel :) Kaya my friends always ask me for tissue, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc, but I don't mind :p

  3. Hi! pink looks great on you! What shade nga pala is your lipstick?
    God Bless!

  4. I pack everything tooooo. Kaya rin ang laki ng bag ko nung Clinique Sparty :)) but now I'm trying to downsize, I use one of those bags that just look like oversized purses that can fit everything kasi ang daming pockets. Di lang kasya payong.

    Re: hair, ever thought of getting a perm? :)

  5. @Leilani: Clinique lipstick in Watermelon :)

    @Kari: I do use a bag organizer that has many pockets, but not with my pink bag cos then it would be too heavy. Yeah I was thinking of a perm or go shorter. Basta kasya sa budget :D

  6. get a perm. i heard Simon Kim Hair Salon in Makati Ave is good.