Monday, April 4, 2011

Venus & Mars Grace & Poise Sunblock Butter SPF 45

As you all know, I am the type of person who judiciously applies sunscreen each and every day, whether I am going out or staying home. I was in search of a good sunscreen that isn't sticky or tacky to apply, and I got curious about the Venus & Mars Grace & Poise Sunblock (Php 435/100g).

Seeing as I've been happy with the products I ordered so far, I decided to finally order a tub last January. I've been told it has a lovely melon scent, and I figured the consistency wouldn't be any different from the Bare It All Cream (click for review) and the Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock (click for review) since they were all basically made of shea butter.

A sunscreen shouldn't contain any unhealthy synthetic and chemical fillers. It's always best to choose one that's made of titanium dioxide like Grace and Poise Firming and Beautifying Sunblock Butter. Enriched with nature's essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Seaweed extracts, which is rich in Collagen and Elastin, your skin will only surely glow with health! 
Ingredients: Emu Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin A, Seaweed extracts and Mica
Price: Php 435/100g tub

To cut to the chase, I like using this sunscreen because of its lingering sweet melon scent. I apply this in the morning and I can still smell it on my skin come lunchtime. It is non-greasy and easy to apply on the skin, but don't let the tint fool ya -- it doesn't really "cover" anything. It can even skin tone just a bit, but don't expect it to hide minor scars or blemishes.

I like using this product because it's not sticky, perfect for wearing dresses and shorts/skirts because I don't like fabric rubbing against sticky skin. Like the Bare It All Cream, it does moisturize skin fairly, though if you have extremely dry skin you might need a more emollient moisturizer or body butter. 

On the downside, I think that because it is a natural product it won't hold up against a whole day of activity under the sun because too much exposure may compromise the sunscreen ingredients. Furthermore, it's not waterproof or sweat-proof.

Overall if you are looking for an all-natural sunscreen that smells good (I really love the melon scent), is non-sticky, non-greasy and non-reflective, I'd totally recommend the Venus & Mars Grace & Poise Sunblock. If, however, you want a more heavy duty sunscreen with a higher SPF or one that is sweat-proof and water-proof, then you can skip this for now.


  1. Hi Donna! It is creamy, but not tacky or greasy when applied. It is absorbed by the skin right away :)

  2. Hi! I've been looking for any skin care products and your post just called my name!

    Where will I be able to buy this and how much?


  3. Hi Faith! You can purchase at http://venus& It's P435/100g :)