Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Venus & Mars Bikini Bomb

What comes to mind when you say bikini? It just isn't about the groin area dear friends. You wouldn't go around strolling in the beach when there's a lot to hide, right? So, if you really can't get enough of whitening goodies, here's something more for you! Enjoy its micro-peeling effect - you're sure to replace any unwanted epidermal skin! What's more? It definitely won't leave your skin dry, rough and flaky! Highly recommended for dark elbows, bikini area, knees, armpit, nape, neck and even old scars!

INGREDIENTS: Emu Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Mulberry, Papaya, Calamansi and Pineapple Extracts, Kojic Fruit Acid, Vitamin E

Price: Php 230 per 40g tin tub

We got this Bikini Bomb last year from the V&M booth at WTC but I have since forgotten to write a review because of my busy schedule. Thanks to Beverly for the nice reminder (hi!). Anyway, my sister and I have been using this regularly (more her than me actually) and judging from the photo below, this balm has seen better days.

According to the website, this is touted as the "power whitening" balm. Essentially, it has a  micropeeling effect on the skin and so it is recommended to use this along with emu oil and the Bare It All Cream which also whitens and moisturizes. Personally, I like the BIA for its mentholated effect and not much for its whitening effect.

(As a side note: I do encourage every body conscious woman/man out there to pay attention to your knees and elbows! I believe dark and very dry/scaly knees, heels and elbows are major no-nos! Tsk tsk.)

Anyway, moving on (haha). Since it is in balm form, it can be quite dense and hard (depending on the weather) so Jamie advised us to use our knuckles instead of fingers in order to scoop out more product. Trust us, it's a bit difficult to get orange stuff out of your nails.

What we like:

  • whitens elbows, knees and any other dark body parts effectively. As with any other whitening/lightening product, you would need to use it regularly in order to achieve faster results.
  • potent -- a little bit goes a long way
  • affordable -- will last for months even with regular use
  • comes in a sturdy, silver tin that is almost airtight

What we don't like:

  • the orange tinge may and will stain clothing -- consider yourself warned.
  • do not use this on freshly healed scars because it will sting. It has a micropeeling effect so you would need to let the skin heal and thicken before you can safely apply the Bikini Bomb.
  • strong calamansi-papain scent. If you like calamansi-papain, then this could be a plus for you

Compared to the CPC+G, I'd say the Bikini Bomb is more suitable for dark elbows and knees. For more sensitive areas like the underarms, new scars, acne marks, I would suggest the CPC+G because it is gentler (in our experience) and whitens faster. You can even apply CPC+G directly onto your dark areas/blemishes without the risk of stinging or compromising your skin. Plus, CPC+G does not stain clothing, although it is oil-based.

Overall I think they're both great products, but the CPC+G works better for us. Our officemates swear by the Bikini Bomb though. So I guess it really depends on your needs and skin type :)

Have you tried this particular product? I'd love to know what you think about it :)


  1. thanks for the review sis! I think I would buy CPC+G na lang :)

  2. No problem! I think they're both great products, but the CPC+G works better for us. Our officemates swear by the Bikini Bomb though. So I guess it really depends on your needs and skin type :)