Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shopping (mis)Adventure: Raberly Ukay-Ukay

Sometimes I get this stubborn and incessant itch to go ukay. You know, the "drop-everything-to-go-follow-your-calling" kind of itch. I'm lucky that when I feel that way (it happens every few months or so) I can either go to Cubao, EDSA or Quezon Ave and satisfy I think it has something to do with the excitement of unearthing a really good dress/top/romper/whatever for cheap, when you least expect it. Ukay shopping can be addicting at times, I tell ya.

I'm not an ukay expert (I'll leave that to Lauren), I've only frequented Fashion Delight in Cubao mainly because Cafe Bola is my restaurant of choice and it's only but walking distance from the ukay shop. Plus, I've scored numerous summery chiffon dresses there, and I know the place like the back of my hand.

Recently, however, I've sort of been hooked with visiting Raberly Ukay-Ukay. I've heard the prices there are higher compared to Anonas, but I guess it depends. I got my fancy top/tunic at the Quezon Ave branch last month during clearance sale, got it for only less than Php 100 :D

I was feeling lucky today so I decided to visit Raberly, the other branch which is just across Trinoma. Mom decided to tag along since we were doing some baking errands today.

Off the bat let me tell you that this particular branch of Raberly is H-U-G-E to the point that it can get overwhelming at times. It is NOT air-conditioned, therefore the term "break a sweat" is an understatement. It is seriously hot in here, but there are huge industrial fans naman.

After scouring the racks, I found some really nice summery dresses. Most would best fit M-L frames, but for smaller chicas like me, there's nothing a little fancy belt can't fix. Here are some of my picks:

And here's the shoes section:

And an awesome view of the bags section:

This brown satchel caught my eye right away! But the handle was ripped and wasn't worth it, I had to pass. Sadness.

a separate section for children's clothes
the men's section
more jackets
two fitting rooms only
Well, after all the hoopla, I was able to take home a pretty lace topper and a dainty dress. Wish I brought home more stuff though. My Mom didn't bring  home anything, LOL. She's picky (and frugal) like that. All in all, I had a good time save for the really awful heat. I'd totally come back to Raberly in a few months or so, and I also plan to visit Lamuyan which is a just few meters away.

Do you like ukay-ukays? Where do you shop? :)


  1. wow that's a huge ukay ukay store :) i haven't been to alot of ukay before. and too bad the satchel has defect :(

  2. hello love the blog you have a new follower in me! i hope you can find some time to check out mine!


  3. Awww, isama mo ko! I really want an ukay trip, but I'm not very good with ukay. :( Obvious
    ba, naghahanap ako ng kasama :))

  4. ur mom's so serious yet so cute :))

  5. @Hazel: Sayang talaga, would love to take home the satchel if it was in good condition.

    @Natasha: Thank you for following :)

    @Alex: Sure! Let's sked it!

    @Bea: Ganda ng boots, malaki lang sa akin.

    @Charles: Thanks! Ang init, wala na sya sa mood :P

  6. i am a certified ukay addict too! <3 whenever we have plans of going to the ukay2x, i always have this giddy feeling that i'm going to find a treasure or two...hehe. <3

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  7. Omg I'm there all the time. Lol baka magkita tayo minsan. :p

  8. @Bestie: Hai! I don't think I will be going back anytime soon, it's so hot there e. But there are lots of good finds :)

  9. hi Kira! i pass by this ukay almost everyday, always itching to go inside but never really had the chance (always cramming on time)...but now that u've practically given me a tour inside, I will find time! hehehe...hope to bump into you once of these days, since I didnt get the chance to meet you at the Clinique party part2 :)

  10. hi, is this near the mrt station? i need a gown, do they have a selection? what's the price range of the boots? so many questions :) thanks

    1. Hi! Yes, the one near North Ave. MRT station. I didn't see any gowns, you might want to check them out for yourself as I haven't been there recently :)