Friday, April 8, 2011

New business cards!


I've been writing for thePOC for over a year but I've never gone around to actually having a separate calling card to match my *new* job. So finally, here are my newest cards courtesy of my very talented designer friends :D

This really shabby chic design was created by Kate Cacha. Love, love the powder blue x chocolate brown combo....and that little peacock to match.

And my craft site, EarthlyDelights has been redesigned by fellow kikay Lai Reyes. I love the quirkiness of her design and the polka dot background. Who could say no to Mr. Breadkins, right? So adorbs :)


  1. Oh hey, I know Lai, we used to be classmates in MMA. She's a great designer! :D Nagpapanel pa kami together sa mga web classes in CSB dati, LOL.


  2. Wow small world! Lai is so purty :)