Thursday, April 14, 2011

My new love: Ferretti Shoes

I've said it time and again -- it's tough having small feet in this ever growing world. I used to limit my choices to international brands who carry a teeny size 4-5, but I was really surprised when I visited Landmark, Trinoma last January and discovered Ferretti Shoes. Little did I know that that unplanned purchase would spur a lifelong relationship with the brand.

Ferretti shoes are comfy -- no doubt about that. I could walk in them for hours! But another thing that I could credit to the brand is the fact that it made me wear high heels and wedges again. When I used to teeter and wobble because other shoes just didn't fit right, Ferretti shoes just made all the difference. My, I may be starting an addiction here!

Yesterday, Ferretti Brand Manager Liz Lanuzo (who coincidentally is also my POC editor) gave us a tour of their showroom in Glorietta 5. It was like being a kid in a candy store -- literally. Oh how I wish I could take ALL the shoes home.

Prepare yourself for some serious eye candy:

Ferretti shoes are 100% locally-produced in Marikina. Each pair is painstakingly crafted by hand and the styles range from the classic ballet flats, wedges for casual days and trendy heels for night-outs. For a bargainista like me, their prices are just right up my alley --- flats and sandals got for only Php 699, wedges and heels are only Php 1,500 while some select investment pieces go for Php 2,000-2,500. Their bags range from only Php 800-3,000. Not bad, huh?

so cute! polka dots!
killer heels that won't break your budget..or your back
this is the runaway favorite

Aside from bags, the store has got of accessories as well. Ogle, ogle!

Alex, Shen and I rushed to the shelves and made our top picks. I mostly stuck with the wedges because I need a height boost but I don't want to put pressure on the balls of my feet. Anything that's comfy and commute-friendly gets an A in my book.

Believe it or not, this pair is ultra soft and lightweight! I mean, it was like made of foam or something. Really, really.I enjoyed literally bouncing in them because they cushioned my feet very well. Love the printed wedge heel, too! This pair is definitely made for walking :)

(PS: my new candy pink polish courtesy of Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos -- review soon!)

And ooh, I wasn't prepared to shell out more money but voila! Love the fit of this pair in the perfect shade of bone. The back part hugged my heel perfectly...Gasp! Ferretti you are making me broke again :(

And check out Shen's ultra-chic pair, too. She couldn't stop modelling them:

Say hello to Ferretti Brand Manager, Liz Lanuzo:

happy campers :) Thanks Ferretti!
How to get your Ferretti fix? Visit them at: Glorietta 5, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Landmark Trinoma and Makati. Also available at: Robinson's Place Bacolod, Robinson's Place Cagayan de Oro, Gaisano Mall of Davao and Gaisano Mall of General Santos.

Please buy from Ferretti and let's be broke together :D


  1. Kira!!! Super nice!! :) can't wait to see em! :)

    P.S. Hi Shen! You're looking so fab nowadays! It's been ages since I last saw you!

  2. Hi Char, thank you!!! Go visit Ferretti, lots of lovely shoesies :D

  3. the shoes are eye candies indeed! :)

  4. Those black wedges are pretty cute :)

  5. i look haggardo versoza in the picture! eyebags galore. hehe. anyways, thanks for supporting ferretti kira, lloyda, char, and lia!

  6. @Lloyda: Hi! Sorry missed you guys at the Ferretti dinner. Catch you guys next time! :)

    @Lizlan: Of courze. Thanks also for the shoesies :)

  7. The one Shen tried looks nice:) Wow new brand manager...Congrats Liz!

  8. Liz just told me to drop by the store but I completely forgot. Mygosh, those shoes are just so beautiful! (It's really hard to find comfy yet beautiful shoes these days.)

  9. @Bea: Super comfy! I was wearing my Ferretti shoes kanina :) Hey tell me the next time you're going, I'll tag along :P Nice to see you kanina!

  10. Right! I must be exhausted. You need to take me to Ferretti! Haha! Reposting the request in the place where I should've posted it! :)

  11. @Evie: Love Ferretti! These babies are so comfy, swear! :)

  12. just got mine from gaisano mall davao...awesome!...find my wedge so comfy to wear...